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Giraffe hunting anyone?
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Treeline 03-Jul-18
HA/KS 03-Jul-18
HDE 03-Jul-18
orionsbrother 03-Jul-18
JTV 03-Jul-18
TD 03-Jul-18
Mike B 04-Jul-18
Glunt@work 04-Jul-18
HA/KS 04-Jul-18
PECO 04-Jul-18
Treeline 04-Jul-18
RK 05-Jul-18
From: Treeline
Having difficulty getting the link to work:

Wow, the lib-tard media is going ape $it on this one!

Interesting that the article goes on to say that over 4,000 giraffes are imported to the USA legally every year and these idiotic news people and anti-hunters are outraged that this young lady achieved her dream.

Glad Ms. Talley is standing up to them. Congratulations to Ms. Talley on a beautiful trophy and for continuing to stand up for the good that conservation can accomplish - particularly in places like Africa. The only reason that there are any big game animals left in Africa is because of sport hunting dollars!

I would love to shoot a giraffe with a bow!

From: HA/KS

HA/KS's Link
Treeline, take the s out of HTTPS and it should work.

From: HDE
These sheltered crybabies need to get a grip and come to terms on what life and the real world are all about.

And it ain't their fragile philosophy on how they think it should be...

The bull that she killed had already killed three younger bulls that they know of. She was saving other giraffes.

From: JTV
huge thread on it over on the main page ... Way to go Tess... no reason to be ashamed .. way to go girl !!

From: TD
Prolly build a house for what the life size mount would cost..... =D

I've heard they are tough with a bow, wouldn't hesitate at a chance to do it (but for, you know, the time and money)....... very, very thick hide I understand. And a heart built like a diesel engine....

From: Mike B
I can understand that this particularly old giraffe needed to be culled so that the younger bulls would have a chance to breed, and glad to see the meat went to local villages while the "trophy fee" is used to help provide anti-poaching protection.

I can understand killing a giraffe in cases like the above, or for needed subsistence, but to end ones life "just because I can, and want to" doesn't jive in my book. Speaking perhaps only for myself, I couldn't imagine killing one of these great beasts without a damn good reason.

From: Glunt@work
Giraffes and whitetails are the same to me as far as being OK to hunt. If it's biologically sound to hunt them, have at it.

From: HA/KS
Have to agree with Glunt. If you allow them to make one wild animal too cute, (pretty, smart, etc.) to hunt, you give an in to make all hunting off limits.

I think the best way to get rid of excess wild horses and burros would to start hunting them. However IMO they are destructive non-natives and should all be eliminated like the snakes in the Everglades.

From: PECO
"without a damn good reason" you said this after giving a few damn good reasons.

From: Treeline
At least 3!

I like killing stuff. I like eating the ones that taste good so focus much more effort on them.

If the population can sustain killing individuals from the group then it really doesn’t matter that an individual is removed from the herd and probably helps in the grand scheme of it all.

If the population is so low that killing just one tips the scales to the species extinction, in reality, that doesn’t matter much either because the species was already doomed whether a hunter killed one or it fell off a cliff.

Lots of room in between those lines.

From: RK
In 40 years in the business of international hunting /fishing I have been engaged in many conversations about the subject of the justification of trophy hunting or recreational hunting

The conclusion was simply there was /is no way to justify sport hunting Especially to the non hunting public but even beyond that

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