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From: PECO
NRA dues increase Aug 1st. What do you guys think?

From: Thumper
Strange, where's all their millions of crossbow hunters?

NRA = Gypsy shyster clip joint type assoc.

From: JTV
Wont bother me, I'll pay ... I'll renew before then anyways... the app is on my table now .. I think they are worth every penny ...

From: keepemsharp
Have been a life member many years. We are all hugely being attacked by antis and the NRA is the best show in town. Also support the Second Amendment Foundation and state rifle association. It takes money to defeat Bloomberg and the AARP.

From: sleepyhunter
No problem, been a member for the last 3 yrs. NRA needs all the support it can get.

From: Woods Walker
I think they're doing their job because the anti-gun left complains about them constantly.

I'm an Endowment Life Member and may be upgrading to Benefactor. They're worth every penny.

From: venison
Life member here also , I think the dues are worth every penny for what the NRA does for us , if it wasn't for the NRA , who knows if we would still have a Second Amendment .

From: RK
Agree with sleepy NRA needs all the support they can get

From: sundowner
Life member here also......wife is a member too. And I send money regularly. NRA is the last firewall protecting our right to keep and bear arms.

From: canepole
I don't know why every outdoorsman, &/or gun owner aren't all members. If some folks don't understand all the NRA has done and continues to do for this great country, I guess they never will. $40.00 a year...... shit!

Happy Independence to all. Especially those of you who have served. Thanks, Gene

From: bad karma
Life member, will upgrade soon....and donate to the PVF.

From: Treeline
Lid member here. Absolutely worth the investment.

From: Mint
After being a member for about 25 years became a Life Member a few years ago. Here in NY I love wearing my hat and jacket when I'm hunting in the Hamptons or riding the train to work in NYC. I don't like their crossbow opinion but that doesn't override all the good they have done.

From: MK111
Life Member here and every male in our family is a Life Member. The NRA may not agree with everyone but they are the best overall. If you don't support the NRA you are part of the problem and just too damn cheap to spend $40 per year to protect everyone's gun rights plus your own.

From: canepole
Mint and MKlll, exactly. It's hard to agree with someone's or an organization views 100% of the time. Hell, just ask our wife's or girlfriends! However I do believe in all my heart that if it wasn't for the NRA our 2nd Amendment Rights would be nothing like they are today.

From: tonyo6302
Life Member and proud of it.

Life member and been one for 12 years. Donate heavily every year. Because America's future deserves it.

From: Salagi
Upgraded to patron last year. Seriously thinking about upgrading to the next level they are asking me to now. I don't always agree with them but they are the best thing we have going fighting for gun rights. If not for them, there would be a lot less rights the government would honor right now in my not so humble opinion.

My father is 91 and has been an annual member since before most of us on here were even born. Even when times were hard he would scrape up enough money for the dues every year because he believed the work they did was important.

From: Dirk Diggler
5yrs at a time guy here for the last 30yrs. I'm paid till it's almost time to vote for Trump again. MAGA!

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