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We want these in our country
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spike78 04-Jul-18
Dirk Diggler 04-Jul-18
MK111 04-Jul-18
Treeline 04-Jul-18
Trax 04-Jul-18
Annony Mouse 05-Jul-18
From: spike78

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Funny the reporter left out that ICE was searching for them too. Yeah open the borders.

From: Dirk Diggler
They're just good people looking for a better life for their family. BS!

From: MK111
Find, execute quickly and bury standing up with a big post hole digger so you can get more graves per acre. Problem solved.

From: Treeline
Obviously, they were separated from their families at the border and need to be protected from the evil ICE agents that framed these poor immigrants. It’s Trump’s fault!

From: Trax
Parasites like these illegals need to be convicted and hung by the neck until dead in quick order. They ste actually just a small part of the example as to why we must secure our borders and evict all illegal invaders.

From: Annony Mouse

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And even worse...

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