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Rhino poachers eaten by lions
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spike78 05-Jul-18
Will 05-Jul-18
KSflatlander 05-Jul-18
Zim1 06-Jul-18
LINK 06-Jul-18
Salagi 06-Jul-18
antlerman 06-Jul-18
JL 06-Jul-18
From: spike78

spike78's Link
Yeah now that’s karma

From: Will
That, may be a good deterrent to future poachers...

From: KSflatlander
Spike u r full of good news today. Keep’em coming. I agree Karma will get ya

From: Zim1
"We're not sure how many there were - there's not much left of them." :o

From: LINK
Why would they kill lions to retrieve the remains of poachers?

From: Salagi
They didn't kill the lions, they tranquilized some of them to get to the remains. Which from another report I read there wasn't much in the way of remains.

From: antlerman
I'm guessing they were screaming for a minute and then silence. Hopefully the lions started at their feet and worked their way to their heads. Not sure what they were looking for in the lions stomachs, who cares.

From: JL
Classic rule applies.....don't be the slowest runner!

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