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Pipeline protesters in Minnesota
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From: mn_archer
As many of you know, I own a wildlife and pest control business here in Minnesota. I recently won a contract with the state removing the beaver and beaver dams from a dozen wild rice lakes in some very remote locations here, many with no cell service and miles from any paved roads. Several are only accessible via atv or canoe.

We were unloading the atv the other day 5 miles off the highway when another atv approached us. It was a sheriff's deputy out looking for a large group of protesters pissed about the pipeline. they had a huge camp setup and moved, leaving all their debris behind. They had totes full of medical supplies including narcan.

Apparently they have made statements about having several times more protesters here than they did in South Dakota.

It's hard for me to fathom that they are already here and construction isn't supposed to start until mid October.

Hopefully I never run into them

What do they need narcan for ? Heroine overdoses ??

From: HDE
Easy solution - get names of ALL protesters (including ND) and cut off all fossil fuel generated power, heating, and combustive fuels for transportation and let them fend for themselves...

From: JTV
thats what its for... 'prolly some of 'em are addicts and they keep it handy just in case one of those twits OD .. hard to fix stupid ...

Mike, can you guys CC up there / open Carry ??

From: Will
There is another medical use for Narcan, I'm forgetting the dx it's used for... I want to say a psych med but it may be something else. I'd put money on it being for heroine OD's though in this case...

From: Shuteye
That Narcan works really fast. My fishing buddy is an EMT and carries it with him. Not long ago there was a report of a body in the street in town. My buddy got there and found the guy was actually alive but unconscious. Gave his a shot of Narcan and real quickly the guy wanted to fight. Kicked my buddy in the side. He said after that he has them on a snatcher and strapped down before they get the shot.

From: spike78
Save our beautiful land then leave debris behind. Slobs. Do away with Narcan and solve some problems.

LMAO I work at Alaskan Oil Pipe line pump station 5 ,that pipe line don't hurt no wildlife it just makes the Native Americans $$$$ They stopped complaining when each family member starting getting yearly dividends it averages 18K year-free health care, that each member of family receives -free college up to Masters- and We are playing at gas pumps

From: woodguy65
You should be able to smell them before you see them. I bet them hippies got some stank on them this time of year.

From: Woods Walker

Now here's some STINK!!!

From: Thumper
MN, you get all the good jobs. Do you Duck Commander the beaver dams?

Stay safe.

They are protesting a huge pipeline here. Dumbheads been in the trees on National Forest for months now. Dumbheads friends were easily walking supplies into them. Local ranger district shut a gate that is causing their suppliers to walk about 12 miles. One way with water and food now. See how long that lasts.

From: Tonybear61
If its typical to what they have done previously they will trash the area with all the crap they bring in. However if we have a late summer the humidity and mosquitoes will put a damper on them really quick. If not the ticks will get them with Lymes , Babesosia, and about dozen other diseases they carry (use of DEET, permetherin is against their eco-hysteria religion).

When I used to work at U of M almost 20 years ago we had: 1. minks, mice and other research animals set free (only to die in the fields of Lake Elmo and Woodbury) 2. The non-GMO research lab firebombed because they hated GMOs (sorry wrong location idiots) 3. A arson of a local lake mansion because he was featured in the news displaying his hunting mounts from all over the world 4. Local animal rights organization SOAR spouting its demonic philosophy all over the college newspaper, same time they were being investigated for items 1-3 above.

They may have now grown up and moved out of Mom n Dad's or grandparents basement now, probably driving around in carbon emitting vehicles while they spray the yards for pests and enjoy the benefits of life saving drugs and treatments that were developed through animal research..while eating a burrito which has GMO beans in it. That is the intelligence of the current generation for some.

From: Chief 419
The protesters destroy the environment whoever they go. I want to know who pays for these idiots travel expenses and food.

From: rtkreaper
Just look up Paid Protestors

they hate it when they get the ruins their buzz.

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