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Pat Lefemine 08-Jul-18
From: ahunter76
Well, I am no longer ahunter55 but ahunter76. Wife cleaned up my computer and now I have no passwords, handles that work. Looks like I'm in for a tough year 1-Just b/4 Christmas I had a kidney stone (big one). During treatment they find another problem. 2-Major belly surgery Jan 23 at VA. Just released 3 weeks ago to shoot my bow 3-July 3rd blew engine in our older car (2008) 4-Wife wiped out anything existing on my computer.. I think I need to buy a lotto ticket.. Anyway, I always say, I'm much better off than most.. later, new member ahunter76

Hope your luck improves and your health continues to get better!

From: tonyo6302
There are plenty of web based password services out there. Choose one that passes muster, and register. That way, if your PC crashes, or the Wifey performs a cleanup, you can log into your password service and recover everything.


.. .. .. .

Good luck.


From: memengako
I have a small pocket notepad. Holds all my passwords while using weird user names that I'm the only one who can make sense of it. It's hidden in a lockable desk drawer. Works every time and never fails.

From: Pat Lefemine
We all use ‘keeper’ password vault. Secure and auto syncs between your devices. Backed up to the cloud and very secure.

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