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Thank God these people are paying attention!!!

".... is a globalist movement, its implementation is through local ordinances, usually by policymakers who are ignorant of the ultimate goal. As property-rights advocate Tom DeWeese wrote, “On the local level, this translates into planning policy that controls energy use and the efforts to cut down on the use of cars, enforcement of the building of expensive light rail train systems and bike paths, and the installation of smart meters, etc.”

Of course, people are not going to curtail their lifestyles, unless they are either forced to do so, or they are frightened into doing so. That is the main driver behind global-warming scares or climate-change frights, which go against what unbiased observations show every day (for instance, as ice sheets have slowly receded in recent decades, we have found the remains of forests that grew during both the Medieval and Roman Warm Periods, meaning those two periods were warmer than now despite the lack of large-scale human carbon dioxide releases at those times). The scares go like this: If human activity is destroying the planet, then we need to accept more mass transit, smaller dwellings, and decreased use of air conditioning, energy, and water — and more controls and limits on our lives by unaccountable government entities.

In order to get controls established, globalists have chosen to take several routes toward the end goal, both coercive and voluntary. In order to obtain voluntary concessions, proponents of these ideas find the public-education system quite useful to first indoctrinate kids coercively, through such schemes as “Common Core.” In other words, the same basic “standards” promoting radical environmentalism and acceptance of a lower standard of living are taught in all schools in America through a Common Core curriculum. (But as is the case with Agenda 21, proponents deceitfully argue that Common Core is not a national curriculum, but locally adopted “standards.” While some of the “standards” are unobjectionable, others are designed to promote a progressive or left-wing agenda. Education thus becomes indoctrination.) This makes Agenda 21 hard to fight: There is a high level of buy-in by the masses.

But Alabama was the first state to enact a law against any city implementing Agenda 21. In other words, had the city council passed the new ordinance, it would have placed them in violation of state law. And that is one of the facts that opponents keyed in upon to defeat this ordinance."

More at the link!

From: JTV
oh no, it has "The John Birch Society" in the article... you gonna catch hell now ...

Hahahahaaa! I say bring it!

Over the years I have discovered a real lot about J. Birch and the society which is so much better than the impressions I grew up with.

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