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Hunting Team of Mink and Dog
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JL 11-Jul-18
keepemsharp 11-Jul-18
JTV 11-Jul-18
greg simon 11-Jul-18
KsRancher 11-Jul-18
HA/KS 11-Jul-18
Salagi 11-Jul-18
TD 12-Jul-18
bb 12-Jul-18
Zbone 18-Jul-18
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DL 18-Jul-18
Jim in Ohio 18-Jul-18
From: JL
I got caught up watching this guy's rat hunting vids. I didn't know mink were such aggressive hunters. Excellent team work between the mink and dog.

From: keepemsharp
Mink are real killers. I know a guy that raised racing greyhounds, if they didn't run good he gave them to a mink farm and they ate the dogs.

From: JTV
I seen that when I was looking at that book link we were talking about... just didnt investigate this further ... pretty neat .. btw, Mink ARE very aggressive hunters ... Ive watched them go after rats and rabbits... Mink will stray away from water when hunting, Ive seen 'em in fields after mice and bunnies a full mile from any water... they usually dont fail .. I caught plenty of both mink and rats back in my trapping days ..

From: greg simon
That dog is a rat killer!

From: KsRancher
That's some cool stuff. I have never even seen a mink

From: HA/KS
Remarkable teamwork.

From: Salagi
That was something else. If you can train a dog and a mink to hunt together you're awesome.

From: TD
I was waiting for the dog to snatch up the mink....

That was alot of dead vermin. A couple P&Y! Great job.

From: bb
That's pretty cool. Unfortunately that dogs hunting days are over.

From: Zbone
Seen videos of this minkman before,,, cool stuff...

My granddad told me when he was a youngster, he and buddies used to have pet ferrets they'd muzzle and send down rabbit holes and then run the exiting rabbits with Beagles... They muzzled them so they wouldn't kill the rabbits because if they did they wouldn't come out they stay and feed... Said it was nothing to kill 30 to 50 rabbits a day...

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.

From: Paul
Z my grand did the same thing . Wish I could have seen that

From: DL

DL's Link
I can watch these for way too much time. I hate rats. Brock also has a video on catching muskrats. Here’s a UK ratting video.

From: Jim in Ohio
I was raised on a mink farm. My dad had over 5000 mink just before pelting season. They are killers, but were always wild so if they were loose you had a heck of a time catching them. Not many dogs would kill a mink, they can fend for themselves. We handled them with heavy leather gloves and their bite would feel like a vise. Of all the mink we had in those years, I was only able to tame one that I could handle with my bare hands.

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