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Infection From Dog Saliva
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DL 01-Aug-18
Rhody 02-Aug-18
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Spike Bull 02-Aug-18
Brotsky 02-Aug-18
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MT in MO 15-Aug-18
RK 15-Aug-18
From: DL

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This is just disturbing. My wife knows of two women that almost lost an arm from some kind of infection from a rose bush thorn.

From: Rhody
The problem is..... dogs lick $h!tt....

From: Owl
"The problem is..... dogs lick $h!tt...." - That's ok because they routinely clean their tongues on their owners' faces.

From: woodguy65
Had a friend who's father died of flesh eating bacteria. He was working in his garden and cut his finger, no big deal. Couple days later he was in the hospital fighting for his life, several more days and he was dead.

Yikes. Life must be dangerouser.

From: Brotsky
A dog's mouth and saliva are infinitely more sanitary than our own....even after licking their balls.

From: DConcrete
No, they are not. No data backs up that claim.

this is is just and example of really bad luck...and maybe a funky immune system. Dog germs are really not that bad normally. I can clearly remember my daughter sharing ice cream cones and lollipops with our Labrador Retriever back in the didn't seem to hurt her at all. Today she is an assistant Attorney General for the state of Missouri and makes her living putting felons in jail. No brain damage or anything that you would notice. She does like to duck hunt though.....

From: MT in MO
A friends daughter was part of the medical team that worked on this guy. It is a very rare infection, but the bacteria is common in dogs and cats mouths. I had never heard of such a thing...

From: RK
"She does like to duck hunt though...." SA Priceless.

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