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Trump the racist!
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Spike Bull 02-Aug-18
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Honest question the pastor maybe a little racist?

A president, a pastor, a person, should not be "pro black" just pro all people without regards to any characteristics.

Is Trump not pro Hispanic, pro Jewish etc?

From: sleepyhunter
""Honest question the pastor maybe a little racist?""

I think he is being honest.

Is there anyone who is truly without any speck of distrust or dislike for some other people?

Yeah, sure, we all do the best we can to be unbiased, not bigoted in any way, but does anyone succeed in that lofty goal? Of course it is still frowned upon but realistically is there anyone who is completely free of every bias?

The important part to me is whether his assessment of Trump is correct.

From: Thumper
Depends on which reverend you ask. Wright, Jackson, or Sharpton will say just being white makes you a racist.


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This keeps up, Trump might coast to re-election.

U.S. Hiring Cools Slightly in July, Unemployment Rate Falls

From: slade
Obama Praises South African Leader Despite Race Killings and New Law that Seizes White Farmers’ Land without Compensation

From: NvaGvUp
Fundamentally Changing the United States of America

From: Trax
Parasite Obama once again proving himself an America hating race pimp.

Again, liberalism and its master socialism are the greatest evil on the planet.

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