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Who is Mifsud?
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New characters cropping up all the time!

"But while Samochornov’s involvement seems innocent enough, the sojourn into his history snagged another thread: In reading the old FBI press release, the aforementioned “United States Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program,” struck a chord of familiarity. Sure enough, the program is run by the State Department’s Office of International Visitors, which sponsors the Global Ties national conference. The February 8, 2017, Global Ties conference in Washington DC featured Joseph Mifsud as a speaker."

And later....(among much more)

"Mifsud denied Papadopoulos’ version of the events and claimed that he told the FBI as much during a February 2017 interview with federal agents while in DC for the conference."

From: JTV
A spy ....


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Mystery as Mueller Key Witness & Professor Who Used Papadopoulos To Set Up Donald Trump is Presumed Dead

Posted on September 7, 2018 by admin

Dead men tell no tales, especially about their role in trying to set up and take down U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Friday raised the prospect that the London-based professor who told former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that Russia had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton may be dead.

DNC lawyers wrote in court filings Friday that Joseph Mifsud, who spoke to Papadopoulos during the 2016 presidential election


, “is missing and may be deceased,” Bloomberg News reported. The lawyers did not elaborate.

The DNC stood by its claim in a statement to The Hill on Friday. The committee indicated that a private investigator had been used to find Mifsud, who had disappeared for months, and was told the Maltese professor may be dead.

“The DNC’s counsel has attempted to serve Mifsud for months and has been unable to locate or contact him. In addition, public reports have said he has disappeared and hasn’t been seen for months. An investigator involved in our efforts to serve him was told Mifsud might be deceased,” DNC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said."

From: TT-Pi
Either the cousin of Elmer Fudd or he's fish food.

From: JTV

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Funny how these things happen around Democrats and the Clintons

Exactly. Is this another addition to the Clinton Cartel body count?

Or does Mifsud just have the flu?

The mexican cartels better step it up or she may catch them.

From: K Cummings
"Funny how these things happen around Democrats and the Clintons.

Burt Reynolds voted for Trump you know.

I sure hope someone is looking into the circumstances surrounding his passing. They say he died of cardiac arrest, but I'm not buying it.


From: JTV
darn conspiracy theorists ... :0)

From: JTV
hows does the DNC know ?? ..... another Seth Rich happenstance ??.... just sayin' ;0)


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"Russia-linked professor who promised Trump campaign 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton 'may be deceased', court told

Russia-linked professor who promised Trump campaign 'dirt' on Hillary Clinton 'may be deceased', court told Less A missing Maltese professor who promised the Trump campaign “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the presidential election may be dead, a US court has been told.

Joseph Mifsud, a former teaching fellow at Stirling University, held meetings in 2016 with George Papadopoulos, a former Trump administration foreign policy adviser who was jailed last week for lying to the FBI, including over his connections to the 57-year-old professor.

Prosecutors in the Papadopoulos case allege Mr Mifsud touted his “substantial connections with Russian government officials”, who could deliver “thousands of emails” featuring incriminating information against Ms Clinton.

But in unrelated court filings last week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) claimed Mr Mifsud, who has not been seen since November last year, "may be deceased".

The DNC is suing Russia, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign over alleged interference in the 2016 election. Lawyers for the committee said it believed all defendants in the case were served with complaints, “with the exception of Mifsud (who is missing and may be deceased),” according to Bloomberg. They did not elaborate.

Court documents relating to the Papadopoulos case revealed the young foreign policy adviser initially tried to downplay Mr Mifsud as “a nothing” and “just a guy talk[ing] up connections or something”.

“In truth and in fact, however, defendant Papadopoulos understood that the professor had substantial connections to Russian government officials (and had met with some of those officials in Moscow immediately prior to telling defendant Papadopoulos about the ‘thousands of emails’),” the statement of offence read.

Mr Mifsud went missing last year, shortly after special counsel Robert Mueller announced the first charges relating to his investigation into links between Russia and the Trump administration.

On 30 October, Mr Mueller’s office made public Papadopoulos' guilty plea, as well as charges against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates.

On 1 November, La Repubblica located Mr Mifsud in Rome. The academic told the newspaper he met Papadopoulos “three of four times”, but that the claims over election interference were “nonsense”.

“Papadopoulos doesn’t tell the truth,” he said. “The only thing I did was to facilitate contacts between official and unofficial sources to resolve a crisis. It is usual business everywhere. I put think tanks in contact, groups of experts with other groups of experts.”

He continued: “I strongly deny any discussion of mine about secrets concerning Hillary Clinton. I swear it on my daughter. I don’t know anyone belonging to the Russian government.”

Mr Mifsud appears not to have been seen since he made those comments, even by Italian prosecutors attempting to track him down over an unrelated court summons in Italy.

His Ukrainian fiancée, who reportedly gave birth to his daughter earlier this year, has also said she has not seen him in months.

As well as offering emails, Mr Mifsud also introduced 31-year-old Papadopoulos to a woman named Olga, who claimed to be a niece of Russian president Vladimir Putin, and a man named Ivan Timofeev, who claimed to have a connection to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Prosecutors said Papadopoulos’s false statements to the FBI contributed to their inability to secure an interview with the professor.

“The defendant’s lies undermined investigators’ ability to challenge the professor or potentially detain or arrest him while he was still in the United States,” they wrote in court papers, noting Mr Mifsud left the US in February 2017 and has not returned.

Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in prison. Prosecutors had asked for a sentence of six months. They said Papadopoulos thwarted a national security investigation with his false statements.

A hearing into the DNC lawsuit is set for 13 September.

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Wharf ratWharf rat4 days ago

I looked up "may be deceased" in the Russian dictionary. It said "room temperature"

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RuebenRueben4 days ago

Previous reports have said that the FBI did interview Mr Mifsud but the FBI did not detain him. This is what upset the FBI, because they told the court that they (the FBI) may have been in a position to detain Mr Mifsud if Mr Papadopoulos had been completely forthright in his initial statements to them.

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jackiejackie4 days ago

Mifsud and Papadopoulos obtained positions at an organization named the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security. Papadopoulos was a ‘nobody’ and the Centre sketchy at best. Mifsud vanished in early November 2017, shortly after Papadopoulos was in the news and indicted. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Although the common story is that Mifsud is a Russian Agent, many ties seem to lead [him] back to UK Intelligence. Julian Assange put out a Twitter thread noting the connection between Mifsud and UK Intelligence."

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