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Question: Why was this man even alive?
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From: tonyo6302

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Convicted child rapist escapes from Kansas prison three days after arrival

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"He was convicted of raping a child younger than 14 years old in 2002, the Wichita Eagle reported, citing records from the Kansas Department of Correction. "


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Since this is slow on response, I will just say there are a lot of sick people out there.

Your story hit home because we live in KS. This story hits "home" as well because of my love for the Marine Corps.

From: NvaGvUp
"Why was this man even alive?"

Because, Liberals.

From: tonyo6302
Yes, sick people indeed.

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I actually trained some recruits from Oregon that were white racists. I was forced to graduate them. Later, at Camp Lejuene School of Infantry, their craziness caught up with them.

But their needs to be a short line to the electric chair for anyone who rapes a child.

From: Woods Walker
Child rape? Big tall tree, short piece of rope. If no one else wants to kick the chair out from underneath, I will.

From: Rocky
Defile a child and you should be the immediate recipient of the worst of all savagery that man himself could possibly conjure.

The Rock

From: HA/KS

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Apparently he was 20 at the time of the crime. Apparently has already served 16 or so years.

This was a minimum security prison - probably waiting release on parole. He was soon captured and hopefully will now serve extra time for escape.

Apparently he is a slow learner who has not shown signs of changing his ways.

"In November 2002, Terrell pled guilty to rape, a severity level 1 felony. Terrell's presentence investigation (PSI) report showed that Terrell had a criminal. Terrell's sentencing range was 166 to 186 months of presumptive prison. But, the district court granted Terrell's motion for dispositional departure and ordered him to serve 36 months' probation with an underlying prison sentence of 176 months. Terrell violated his probation twice, and after the second violation the court revoked his probation and ordered him to serve the underlying sentence."

"The State confirmed through a letter from the Kansas Department of Corrections, that Terrell was released from prison on April 29, 2016, and is currently serving postrelease supervision until September 19, 2019. Terrell confirmed this fact in his response to the show cause order."

Apparently he was released two years ago and somehow ended up back in prison.

From: K Cummings


Smear his a$$ with gorilla love juice, then throw him in a cage with a Silverback that is in desperate need of some lovin. Then after ol’ Horombe/Coco is finished after a couple days, he would then need to die of high velocity lead poisoning.

From: MK111
Execute within 30 days as that gives them time to say goodbye to their family. No need for them breathing our good air any longer.

"Slow leaner!" LOL!

"High velocity lead poisoning!"

You guys are ON today!

The Constitution guarantees us that we will not be subjected to a "cruel or unusual punishment..."

It's actually one of our rights to not have some of the stuff mentioned above done to us as a citizen of the US, just as we are afforded the right of free speech and the right to bear arms.

That said, I agree with WW. They should all be hung.

From: HA/KS
"They should all be hung." Which was not considered cruel or unusual.

From: TD
In the day.....hanging was not (normally) too messy, didn't waste an expensive and sometimes hard to come by bullet, recyclable/multi function.......and very public.....

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