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Good guy wins
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KsRancher 06-Aug-18
JTV 06-Aug-18
tonyo6302 07-Aug-18
HA/KS 07-Aug-18
Spike Bull 08-Aug-18
From: KsRancher

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Friend and a really good guy that lives not to far from my place

From: JTV
wow, to bad he didnt save the state some money and put the guy down for good ... with all those priors, if the court allows them in, he should go away for quite some time I hope .....

Glad it worked out well for your friends!

From: tonyo6302
Amazing Christians, immediately praying for the man who just tried to kill them,

From: HA/KS
What ever happened to three strikes? I recall that it had a big impact on crime rates.

Sounds like a great family - the right kind of friends to have.


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Good for them! I always apprciate a happy ending!

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