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Fivers 07-Aug-18
Will 07-Aug-18
Seapig@work 07-Aug-18
Bob H in NH 07-Aug-18
Hawkarcher 07-Aug-18
Squash 07-Aug-18
TD 08-Aug-18
Michael 08-Aug-18
Shuteye 08-Aug-18
gflight 08-Aug-18
From: Fivers
Looks like they are going to remove Trump's star on Hollywood Blvd, since it was vandalized with a pick axe. I guess that if they are just going to remove the stars if they are vandalized, and not try to stop the vandalism, every single star from the resist movement could be removed easily too. Fair is fair, right?

From: Will
I'm not a fan of the guy as president (not a surprise I'm sure :) ha ha ha), but you cant knock that he did a lot of "entertaining" and certainly "earned" that star. They should leave it. At the least, he was one of the biggest drivers in, and "stars" of "reality" TV, that warrants the star given that platform is one of the biggest in entertainment today.

From: Seapig@work
I think President Trump should demand that his star be removed from that lineup of pervs and pedophiles. That ought to trigger some interesting responses. hehehe

From: Bob H in NH
IT's being removed supposedly due to his damage and treatment of women. So, then Bill Cosby is next? Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen????

From: Hawkarcher
I like Seapig’s idea.

From: Squash
Who cares, it doesn’t change the fact that he is the president of the USA.

From: TD
Yes. Hollywood...... that bastion of moral values..... has decided to remove his star.....

Many of those who will be left are the poster children for dysfunction, abuse and perversity. A Who's Who list of sorts...... these same people will celebrate, even label as "courageous" . When you mix equal measures of hypocrisy and irony it winds up as just more raw sewage running down that Hollywood gutter....

From: Michael
It doesn’t sound like the Star isn’t going anywhere since it’s up to the chamber of commerce and not the city council.

From: Shuteye
He is president of the United States and they ain't.

From: gflight
Erasing history and removing monuments doesn't change what happened....

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