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Can you find the hypocrisy?
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From: 70lbdraw

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Just read the article and tell me how many double standards you can find.

From: elkmtngear
"Anti-facist protestors" have more likelihood of being "anti-cop" yeah, who do think got arrested more?

From: Trax
Since when do we not publicly post mug shots of criminals, especially terrorists?

Let's start calling pathetic groups like Antifa and Black Lives Murder what they are; terrorist groups, hate groups, racist groups. That is how they should be classified.

Our police forces should treat these "groups" with quick and decisive action when confronted or when they are physically harassing law abiding citizens. The order should always be to put them on the ground using what means necessary, tie strap them, and haul them in charging them with all that the law provides. Starting with assault and creating a disturbance and go from there. Give every one of them a criminal record and make it as expensive as possible. Every time.

From: NvaGvUp
What Trax said!


From: elkmtngear
They seem to want to mask their identities...Kudos to Berkeley Police for unmasking them. Hopefully it will become common practice...should be a great deterrent!

From: JTV

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JTV's embedded Photo
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