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Zim1 10-Aug-18
From: Zim
Well, Had my 4th heart procedure in the last 3 years. This one just for a look see alerted by a routine nuclear stress test. It seems false positives are common in these type tests. But I feel like at age 58 if nothing else it's good to get confirmation the plumbing is clear for the fall hunts. I didn't like signing paperwork for stent approval if they had found something. Just glad coronary heart disease does not run in my family. So had an online shopping spree last night for last minute gear upgrades.

Nurse was alarmed when I told her back in 2001 my doc gave me approval to go on a New Mexico elk hunt the day after my last angiogram, done via the groin. Probably not a good idea since it required backpacking 6 miles into the Pecos Wilderness. But didn't spring any leaks. That's what youth and a good elk tag will do.

Anyone else have to deal with heart concerns for this fall?

Best wishes!

From: Scrappy
We need to change your handle to ONE TOUGH SUMBIICH.

From: Jim in Ohio
I already talked about it on here but back in November of 2016 at age 74, I had a complete cardiac arrest. Was extremely fortunate to be in the right place to get immediate CPR and only a block from the hospital. I have since recovered but still do not have the strength and stamina I once had. So I put the bow away and did only gun hunting.

Last year was the first year I hunted and did not get a deer. For over 20 years, I was able to put two or three deer in the freezer. Now I only hunt from a tree stand my kids put up for me. Will take a grandson on youth gun season and I will hunt the week of gun season. It is H##L to get old.

Take care Jim and count your blessings!

From: MK111
At 74 I've had 2 open heart surgeries in the last 22 yrs (22 and 14 yrs). I have a 3rd open heart surgery pending as I'm going on 14 yrs with a pig valve that has about a 10 yr life span. But the valve is working almost 100% so it's a wait and watch.

I can't do what I could in the past but battling MS for 38 yrs hurts me too. But I'm still walking and talking and going deer hunting this fall with a crossbow and 460 S&W rifle. If need be I use a 45 caliber smokeless ML. I put in food plot and the back of my farm so it's a easy hunt. Plus the grandson and son can hunt to.

Life is great at older age even with health problems. Didn't want to die younger and healthy.

From: elkmtngear
Dying up on the mountain wouldn't be a bad way to go...but, surviving and being a "cardiac cripple" would suck. It's worth a look, anyway.

Hopefully, it's just a false positive, Zim. Good luck this Season.

From: Zim1
Yes it was completely a false positive. Doc said the stress test likely just picked up some scar tissue from an ablation 2 years ago. So I'm good to go. The last three days my heart felt like they stuck a wire up in there........because they did! Better today. MK111, Dang you been through a lot! Hang in there and enjoy your fall hunts.

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