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Climate change hoax!
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Will 08-Aug-18
spike78 09-Aug-18
Shuteye 09-Aug-18
Come november 09-Aug-18
gflight 09-Aug-18
Will 09-Aug-18
From: Will

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This is hysterical! Believe or not in real life, it's funny as H E double hockey sticks! (Please note it's from the onion!!!)

From: spike78
Will, I love this one, according to these loonies the United States has 15 more years until it becomes uninhabitable. I guess I won’t be retiring.

From: Shuteye
Well their head climate scientist has already been wrong. New York city was supposed to be under water by now and most of Florida would be under water. That would be Al Gore.

Well then f@#k it this year Will. I’m not going to worry about bag limits.

From: gflight

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"10 times The Onion accurately and grimly predicted the future"

From: Will
I just want to be clear guys, the onion is epic satire. So while yes, I'm a believer, this was 100% because I know "we" all have debated it and this was just funny. Definitely not trying to start an "actual" debate.

Gflight, I have to check out that link :)

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