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Lebrons school....the facts
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From: Beendare
Interesting article outlining the facts on "Lebrons school" by Clay Travis at the outkick the coverage website.

I assumed that Lebron was paying for it....but nay, nay.....good article that breaks it down;

From the article; "The fact that most of the public wasn’t aware of this, well, that was a detail that was starting to upset some of the officials in Akron.

“It’s a district-owned building. The district will hire and pay the teachers and administration. Kids will ride district buses to school. And they will all eat the free breakfast and lunch the district gives all students.

I Promise will eventually cost about $8 million a year to run out of the district’s regular budget, covered mostly by shifting students, teachers and money from other schools, the district says.

“The coverage made it look like the whole thing is his,” said district spokesman Mark Williamson. “He did a lot, but taxpayers should know it’s their investment too.”

In fact, LeBron’s foundation, remember, it’s not LeBron himself, it’s his foundation, which solicits donations from other individuals and companies to do his charitable work, is only on the hook for $500,000 a year for the next several years. (Eventually it could climb to $2 million as the school grows, but that will still be a small part of the overall school cost at that point.)

According to Forbes Magazine last year LeBron made $85.5 million.

Even if we give LeBron credit for all of that yearly money coming out of his own pocket that means LeBron’s committing .0058 of his yearly income on “his school.”

That’s the equivalent of someone making $50,000 a year donating $292 a year to charity."

might not be hot linking, here;

From: JTV
imagine that ....

Bruce..... I really don’t get the point of you posting this..... You post that he contributes half a million dollars from his foundation to this school... and that could go up to 2 million as the school grows....

Then break it down to say that’s like someone making 50 grand donating $292 a year to charity..........

You say that like donating $292 a year to charity is a bad thing........

Would you rather have him donate nothing ?? I’m sure the school doesn’t think that half a million dollars is nothing....

I don’t care if you like the guy or dislike the guy.... but criticizing this charity contribution is silly......

A quick google search revealed that he also supports the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation...... Boys and Girls Club of America.....Children’s Defense Fund,,, After School All Stars,,, Among others...

I’m certain that my church would love to have him as a member and gladly accept a half a million from his foundation......

From: Beendare
Bear, I was shocked when I read the facts. Its touted as "Lebrons school" in fact I thought it was private by the media reports ....and fully funded by Lebron. I have heard basketball telecasts where they reference his "Dedicating $40m to Akron kids"......

Compare that to KD's $5million dollar donation check this year in one swipe. Seems to me he has donated more than that this yr alone.

I'm not the one knocking Lebron......... it seems to me the folks of Akron are a little ticked off. It does make me feel better about my wife and my significant donation of school supplies to our teacher friends middle school in Oakland.

From: slade
Must be a pro muslim school.........:)

From: TD
Labron paid for the was "his" school..... that was what I took from the media gush......

Good on him. But it should have simply stated he, or rather his Foundation, donated 500,000 to the school. In all honesty there are likely HS (and definitely college) football programs that get that donated..... and they probably have their names on a plaque nailed to a building somewhere too.....

Hmmm. Contrast that with trump university that defrauded its students and then left the govt holding the bag when they forgave the students loans that went to the university.

Trump lied and defrauded people that wanted to better themselves.

But I’m sure you don’t care. Lebron is the bad guy here huh?

Why would you compare his charity donations to that of KD ?? He donates through his Kevin Durant Charity Foundation...

Do you sit in church and compare how much you put in the plate with your fellow church goers ?

Would you snub your nose at your neighbors for not giving enough to charity ??

Charity is a good thing..... no need to make it into a bad thing..... Maybe the City of Akron has sour grapes because James left Ohio for L.A.,,,, They should thank him for the charity and leave it at that.

From: Beendare
BB, The famous line from "A Few Good Men" seems appropriate here.

Where am I disparaging Lebron? Now I would agree the Sportscaster/Author is being a bit hard on him....but its all true info.

I dunno how much you follow Basketball but FYI the media puts Lebron on a pedestal. The whole wrist thing in the playoffs was a good example. No argument that he is one of the greatest players of all time....but look at the great players that don't want to play with him like Kyrie. That gives you a clue.....he could NEVER be part of a unselfish has to be HIS team.

Now when it comes to Trump commenting on all of this....I'm appalled....totally inappropriate. I've said it before, he should have dumped that silly Twitter account many moons only makes him look like a jerk. He should have created a White House News outlet to get a clear and concise message out to combat the CNN fake news stuff and all of the naysayers.

Dan Gilbert couldn’t wait for him to leave Cleveland for exactly what you’re talking about..... but in the end he thanked James for bringing a championship to Cleveland.....

I follow Detroit basketball when they put a good team on the floor..... which hasn’t been in awhile........

And I’m a fan of Dan Gilbert and the huge money he is spending to revitalize Detroit.........

Not a Lebron James fan.... But any charity that he or Kevin Durant donates and or generates is a good thing..... Peace.

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