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Socialist Greece vs Berkeley
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Beendare 09-Aug-18
K Cummings 09-Aug-18
Owl 09-Aug-18
HA/KS 09-Aug-18
From: Beendare
I found our recent trip to Greece interesting....not so much the sights but all of the fantastic Greek people we talked to. My wife cringes when the subject of politics comes up....but it came up in just about every conversation with shop owners, cabbies, etc....they wanted to talk about it.

I was actually shocked at the 100% of Greeks we talked to endorsing Democracy. Its a Socialist country....with a socialist ruler...whats up with that? Even the young tatted up woman political science major cabbie we had was pro Democracy...a bit shocking. That same woman attending UC Berkeley would be a socialist freak, what gives?

Granted all of the folks we talked to are working. They feel as though they were sold out. They are sick of paying for social programs to the lazy and immigrants as they are working their tails off and cannot get ahead with the huge taxes their gov levies. Some were surprisingly candid, "Kick the Muslims out", " sink the boats the Immigrants are on"....shocking really.

[2015;The Greek corporate tax rate is 26%, the personal income tax rate is 46%, the sales tax — or value-added tax — is 23%, and the social security tax is 42.01%]

Their tax burden is enormous. In fact, everywhere you go they ask for Euros instead of a CC....its common for them to pocket the cash....the result of gov shooting themselves in the foot with such a high tax rate.....

So I asked, "You just elected a Socialist leader?" The explanation; He promised the people free water and free electricity....then the day he took office he reneged.

Their banking system is a cannot borrow money for a house or the property values have tanked, unfinished homes investment is stagnated except for the very rich that can afford to expend capital. Socialism is actually making the wage gap worse killing the middle class.

Greece is an interesting real world example....maybe the pro Socialist students in this country should stop drinking the Koolaid and get out into the real world.

From: K Cummings
For the most part, the only people that think socialism is a good idea are those that have never lived under it...and the socialist governments themselves.


From: Owl
People will almost always take the comforting and convenient lie over the responsible truth. Particularly if gratification is delayed. BTW, there are such governments as socialist maybe they’re still down with socialism.

From: HA/KS
"Socialism is actually making the wage gap worse killing the middle class."

Happens every time.

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