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From: gflight

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The State Dining Room in the White House is adorned with a quotation from John Adams: "May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under This Roof." His wish has often gone unfulfilled.

"Under Grant's two administrations, there flapped through the national capital a whole phantasmagoria of insolent fraud," wrote Edmund Wilson in his book Patriotic Gore. Americans who remember nothing else about Warren G. Harding can name the scandal that engulfed his administration: Teapot Dome. Richard Nixon resigned for crimes that would have gotten him prison time had he not been pardoned.

But champions of these tainted presidents can take heart. Since Jan. 20, 2017, Americans have seen an endless torrent of corruption beyond anything previously imagined. No president has ever had a surer instinct than Donald Trump for finding and empowering scam artists, spongers, and thugs.

As a candidate, he promised, "I'll choose the best people for my administration." Maybe he inadvertently omitted the word "not." Looking for the best people in Trump's circle would be like looking for icebergs in the Everglades.

Three Trump associates—Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Rick Gates—have pleaded guilty to charges of lying to investigators. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was brought down by his habit of using private jets and military planes for travel. EPA chief Scott Pruitt resigned over a raft of shameless ethical offenses.

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From: itshot
ouchy! real transparency

Trump 2020

God forbid, we actually elected humans with faults. That hardly ever happens, humans with faults, or that they get elected.

What if only honest and without fault people were allowed to vote? Turnout would be maybe????

From: Shuteye
If Hillary Clinton had been elected, it would be so much better. NOT.

From: gflight
Humans with

From: Annony Mouse
What the media cannot spin, it simply suppresses.

That was Christ's reaction too about casting the first stone, right?

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