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GOP Momentum. THANKS, Dems!
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NvaGvUp 04-Oct-18
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From: NvaGvUp
Just last week, FiveThirtyEight had the Dems at a 90% chance of winning the House.

Today, that's down to a 75% chance.

Keep it up, Di-Fi, Spartacus, and the rest, and before you know it, you won't have to worry about whether or not Pizza Eyes will again become Speaker.

From: Dale06
We must stay the course. Just because Kavanaugh is in, the battle is far from over. Vote in Nov and get all your educated friends to do so.

From: trublucolo
" Vote in Nov and get all your educated friends to do so"

Bring your uneducated friends too, we need the votes to counter the illegals and the deceased voters that keep electing liberals.

From: NvaGvUp

You don’t have to be dead to vote for liberals.

Just brain dead

From: AZOnecam
Momentum is up. This sh!t show the dems tried to pull off with BK just turned a lot of fence sitters against the dems. It's becoming more obvious every day just how desperate and despicable they have become.

A very high majority of people in this country aren't partisan anymore. They vote for who they believe in. They (we) aren't stupid - the antics, character assassination, double standards from the left have them really starting to question whether to keep drinking the kool-aid or respond to what works. Capitalism works, conservatism works, strong military works.

America is finally waking up and understanding that the fake promises from the left only lead us into failures like Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle - homeless everywhere, needles and feces in the street. The result of democratic takeover of some of our largest cities turns them into a 3rd world nightmare.

But don't worry, the world is watching, and starting to learn.

#walkaway is growing for many reasons.

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