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November Mayhem...
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'Ike' (Phone) 05-Oct-18
JTV 05-Oct-18
slade 05-Oct-18
Shuteye 06-Oct-18
'Ike' (Phone) 06-Oct-18

'Ike' (Phone)'s embedded Photo
'Ike' (Phone)'s embedded Photo
The butthurt is going to be yuge come November 6th!!!

From: JTV
the dems need to pay dearly for this whole mess... it is a creation of their doings ... may they rot !!

From: slade
Dagnabbit Ike, you need to be careful using Trigger words like butthurt, you will get them so upset they will whine and snivel like 7th grade girls.

From: Shuteye
Some one should deliver a truck load of play dough to the protesters. No puppies, I hate to see liberals petting innocent little puppies.

Lol...I was on the fence about that one Slade!

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