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Transgendered GOP
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Tiger eye 06-Oct-18
Spike Bull 06-Oct-18
scentman 06-Oct-18
JTV 06-Oct-18
From: Tiger eye
Has anyone noticed that GOP senators are finally growing a set? Most notably Linsey Graham, but McConnell, Grassley and now Collins and others are calling out Dems for their BS. Is it they are now realizing this is what their constituents want? Play like Trump? Is it the loss of McCain? Did he have that much sway? Or after thenelections will.theynall revert back to their RINO selves?

They wont change. We just have to keep replacing them with actual conservatives as they come due.

From: scentman
Seems the GOP was administered a shot of testosterone ala President Trump.

From: JTV
^^^ Agree, it is either grow a set or get their asses kicked when they come up for re-election ....

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