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Dems blame Avenatti for their loss !!!
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Pat Lefemine 06-Oct-18
kentuckbowhnter 06-Oct-18
JTV 06-Oct-18
NvaGvUp 06-Oct-18
JTV 06-Oct-18
'Ike' (Phone) 06-Oct-18
TD 07-Oct-18
TT-Pi 07-Oct-18
newfi1946moose 07-Oct-18
Woods Walker 07-Oct-18
Solo 07-Oct-18
trublucolo 07-Oct-18
DL 08-Oct-18
scentman 08-Oct-18
Owl 08-Oct-18
From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's Link
as if this day couldn’t get any better!

Losers lose.

From: JTV
yea, just ask Clinton .... Dems also like to blame anyone but themselves

From: NvaGvUp
For starters, contrary to what CNN claims, Ford did not disclose her identity. DiFi or her own attorneys did that

From: JTV

JTV's Link
where is that pic of Ford being kicked out of the SUV ??

dont let the door hit ya ..

As Jeff said, they’ll blame anyone but themselves....Just ask Hillary! LMAO

From: TD
Has no plans to further pursue it???? She should consider herself lucky no perjury charges have been filed.... shes either a liar or psycho or some of each...... they are taking the high road and mercy on a psycho damaged human being......

From: TT-Pi
No one could force Ford to do what she did. She chose to "testify" in public and is being paid handsomely. Yes, the DIFI team used her to make the attack but she (Ford) Played the part because she chose to.

The public will soon find out much more about her and all that. When it is safe to show her for what she is and what they did. It just wasn't safe to rip her allegations apart then. That would have been a bad move.

One thing I believe about real victims and positive recovery: is that CB Ford is not the best role model of being "a survivor". She would not be encouraging to assault victims in their need for recovery. She is a poster child for "poor me, I'm broken and can't get up." And we should note that this was not a rape and torture if it happened at all. Her damage is not from that described incident alone. No way.

This will blow up in their faces when real assault victims, real survivors, have their moment to stand tall. We will see what courage looks like and it isn't in that pitiful mouse.

The process put in place by the Founding Fathers has withstood the test of time and the violence/hatred of the the far left. My state has enrolled 72,000+ new voters since last Jan. 60% of them enrolled under the banner of the GOP! What does that tell you about the Heartland?

From: Woods Walker
TD X-2

From: Solo

Solo's Link
Even the socialist-democrats are doing their best to paint the House red in November....

This woman cannot possibly be as ill informed as she is being made out, right?

From: trublucolo
Someone said you can't be that stupid, she took it as a challenge.

From: DL
Albert Einstein said that there are two things that are infinite. The universe and human stupidity. He wasn’t totally convinced of the first. Seems he had this woman in mind.

From: scentman
Like most Dems, she loves to hear herself talk... doesn't matter the substance, just likes to hear herself talk.

From: Owl
The Ford gambit was a "nothing to lose" scenario. No one is going after her win or lose.

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