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Dark Ages come to LA
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From: Annony Mouse
07-Oct-18 may not be the plague, but typhus has been the cause of deaths for ages. And we learned that it may be prevented by simple sanitation. Now, we see that the proREgressive agenda has regressed to the point where the denizens are returning to the days of yesteryear.

Typhus Reaches ‘Epidemic Levels’ In Parts Of Los Angeles Area

Sanctuary city Los Angeles is now a sh**hole.

Via NBC News:

Health officials on Friday reported a typhus outbreak in Los Angeles County and say it has reached “epidemic levels” in the city of Pasadena.

Twenty cases have been reported in Pasadena, mostly in the last two months, health officials told NBC News, noting that a normal year would typically only see five infections. The city of Long Beach, California, has 12 cases so far in 2018 — double the normal annual number, said Emily Holman, the city’s infectious disease response coordinator.

The number of cases in the rest of the county since July is nine, which counts as an “outbreak,” Los Angeles County Department of Public Health officials said in a statement. Pasadena and Long Beach have their own health departments even though they exist within the county.

“The Pasadena Public Health Department is reporting epidemic levels of typhus fever this year,” read a statement from that city on Friday.

The official source of the outbreak is said to be fleas from domestic and wild animals.

“Infection happens when the feces from infected fleas are rubbed into cuts or scrapes in the skin or rubbed into the eyes,” the county health department states on its website.

Some experts, however, say the true culprit is the inhumane conditions the county’s expanding homeless population lives in.

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Maybe we call the wall the typhus wall.

From: JTV
Well, with the politicians there crapping all over the residents with their liberal policies, it doesn't surprise me one bit ..

From: DL
But we have enough money to waste Billions in a high speed train to Hell. Then the same liberal idiot that’s for the train and running for governor blames republicans for not wanting to take care of the poor and homeless.

From: Annony Mouse
Make sure your inoculations are up to date before visiting California.

Los Angeles: typhus San Francisco: Hepatitis A

California makes itself nation’s pestilence capital

From: JTV
dont forget Syphilis and the clap both are rampant there, esp. in Hollywood ... ;0)

From: Woods Walker
Another textbook example of what happens when Democrats are in charge. They are pathetic.

From: RK

LMAO. YOU know that people visit California for other reasons than to expose themselves to sexual diseases. Only You :)

From: JTV
It was a put down of Hollywood and their Decadent ways ... wooosh, right over your head, and you didnt even wave :0)

From: RK
I knew exactly. but nice recovery LOL

it's no wonder...there are homeless people excreting everywhere in LA. It's pretty rampant.

It doesn't help that there's huge swaths of middle class/upper middle class idiots who aren't immunizing their children. Another decade or two and you're going to see more runs of these diseases going through populations here in the US and killing a fair amount of people.

We've lost the cultural memory of what these diseases used to do because only the oldest of our population remembers them as children.

From: Annony Mouse
Los Angeles Police Officers Battle Fleas, Rats, and Typhus Near Homeless Camps

Some officers say they are getting sick as a result of the infestation of disease-ridden pests

We recently reported that over 100 people in the Los Angeles area have contracted the bacterial disease typhus, and the area’s public health officials are sounding the alarm about the infectious disease spreading.

At the epicenter of the epidemic are the homeless camps, and the Los Angeles Police Department station nearest to the city’s Skid Row is battling the rats and fleas that spread the typhus bacteria as the officers attempt to protect themselves from becoming ill.

LAPD cops stationed near downtown LA’s Skid Row now work in fear of becoming the newest victims of the county’s growing typhus epidemic, officers tell the NBC4 I-Team.

The LAPD confirms to the NBC4 I-Team there may be “a flea and rodent problem” inside the Central Station near Skid Row, home base for over 350 officers. This past Friday, the LAPD closed down the station to fumigate for fleas that could carry typhus. The station has been fumigated repeatedly since August but officers say the flea problem remains.

“They’re in the desk drawers, on the floor, they’re in the patrol cars,” an LAPD cop, who asked not to be named for fear of retaliation, told the I-Team. “In one case, the employee looked down at his pants and noticed it was covered with at least fifteen fleas,” the cop added.

Another LAPD employee filed a complaint with CAL OSHA over the flea problem, according to documents obtained by the I-Team.

In fact, KABC Los Angeles reported that last week the LAPD Skid Row station was fumigated once again in this ongoing battle against contagion.

The officers say this has done repeatedly since August and the problem is persisting. Some officers say they are getting sick as a result.

The LAPD has a video series offering Skid Row officers’ perspective.

There are an estimated 32,000 homeless people in the city. To help address this crisis, Los Angeles recently won a $1 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies to pay for an experimental backyard housing program for the homeless. This is in addition to the $100,000 from Bloomberg to study the idea.

On Monday, the city won an addition $1 million to test the idea in real life. Los Angeles is one of nine winners of the US Mayors Challenge, a yearlong Bloomberg Philanthropies competition that tasked participants with developing innovative solutions to the nation’s toughest urban problems.

As the city refined its idea, the county was developing its own backyard program, which sets aside $550,000 for residents to convert their units or secure necessary permits. While the county received interest from around 500 homeowners, its funding only allows for three new backyard units and three renovated structures to be built.

I hope the plans for backyard housing include preventing the homeless from taking the rats and their fleas with them to their new accommodation. If not, typhus will spread to other communities and the LAPD Skid Row station will not be the only one experiencing a health crisis.

"There are an estimated 32,000 homeless people in the city."


From: AZOnecam
Many big cities in CA are becoming 3rd world countries. Between the feces and needles and homeless camps, i sure wouldn't take my family there.

From: Annony Mouse

Annony Mouse's Link
Fed up San Franciscans catalogue images of their city’s new depravity

Worth reading...foretelling what to expect in more and more of Democrat city plantations...

From: Will
Idyllwildarcher nailed it.

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