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Hillary For Next Judge Nominee
Contributors to this thread:
DL 07-Oct-18
Shuteye 07-Oct-18
DL 08-Oct-18
scentman 08-Oct-18
TT-Pi 08-Oct-18
mn_archer 08-Oct-18
South Farm 08-Oct-18
trublucolo 08-Oct-18
Woods Walker 08-Oct-18
From: DL
That way we can finally get all the dirt on her

From: Shuteye
Good idea the investigation could go on forever. Only problem is the democrats don't investigate their own.

From: DL
Wait until the next democratic nominee comes up. Unfortunately the republicans won’t do the same thing.

From: scentman
Just a crazy thought here... what if Hillary miraculously had a change of heart, and changed parties, won over Trump and was nominated for SCOTUS. Would Corey Booker t and the mg's along with Kahlua Harris ask about, Benghazi, Personal Server, Bill's accusers and lastly... if Chelsea is Bill's real daughter?

From: TT-Pi
In time scentman. Wheels are turning, people being replaced... All in good time.

From: mn_archer

if the Republicans come up with a bunch of made up claims against an otherwise good person that could potentiallydestroy a stellar career and tear aparta family- regardless of politics, I'll vote against them!


From: South Farm
Don't worry, mn, the Republicans can't do the same thing because it's not humanly possible to find a Democrat with a "stellar career"!

From: trublucolo
There is that.........

From: Woods Walker
",,,,,,an otherwise good person...."

Well that sure a hell eliminates Hellary from that list!!!

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