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Next Supreme Court Pick
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Coyote 65 08-Oct-18
slade 08-Oct-18
mn_archer 08-Oct-18
JTV 08-Oct-18
Dale Cover 08-Oct-18
pipe 08-Oct-18
HDE 08-Oct-18
JTV 09-Oct-18
Seapig 09-Oct-18
From: Coyote 65
There are several of the justices with one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel. If something happens who should Trump pick to be the next supreme? Should he pick a man who will immediately get charged with beating his wife, or raping his dog, or worse, or should he nominate a woman, who will get charged with beating her kids, or selling herself or worse?


From: slade

From: mn_archer

mn_archer's embedded Photo
mn_archer's embedded Photo

From: JTV
Yup ^^^^ and she's good looking too ;0) ... not like those other witches on the bench ..

From: Dale Cover
I heard on the radio today that Lindsay Graham took Trump's SC list to Schumer and said, essentially, "Pick one you can live with."

From: pipe
Yes,...that was when Lindsay responded to Schumer's last ditch appeal i.e. lie... "Mr President, give us another conservative SC candicate and we will consider ..." really Chuck?....what a lying piece of....

From: HDE
I liked Amy Barrett when BK was nominated.

Good luck, demon-rats, in trying to defame her...

From: JTV
She is prolly thinking, damn, that Menage a trois in college may not have been a good idea after doing water mellon shots all night.. ;0(

From: Seapig

Seapig's Link
President Trump to liberals, "Are you mad about Brett Kavanaugh?"

Liberals, " Yes, you couldn't have picked a worse Justice!"

President Trump, "William H. Pryor, Jr for SCoTUS"


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