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Any First Time Voters Out There?
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JL 09-Oct-18
elkmtngear 09-Oct-18
Fivers 09-Oct-18
JTV 09-Oct-18
jjs 09-Oct-18
JL 09-Oct-18
Will 09-Oct-18
Shuteye 09-Oct-18
HDE 09-Oct-18
Woods Walker 09-Oct-18
From: JL
Was watching the news and the pundits are noting alot of new voters this time around. Is there anyone out there who is voting for the first time? Maybe a family member or friend's first time??

From: elkmtngear
If there are any in my Office that haven't registered, consider me on their ass!

From: Fivers
Sounds like Taylor Swift's tweet stirred up a bunch of first time voters to register. I personally don't know of any, the ones in my office that may not have voted....I don't want voting!! So I'll keep quiet around them so they stay home.

From: JTV
Ive been voting Repub. for 42 years, never once have I ever voted for a lousy dem ...put Braun for Senate signs in my yard today ...Ive never missed an election, even when in the USMC, I did the absentee vote thing ... as for Taylor and myself, it was a tough break up, but sometimes you need to kick them to the curb.."We are never ever getting back together... EVER" !! ... ;0)

From: jjs
I am not an ardent Republican, have voted against local Republican running for state office, just because they have a 'R' doesn't mean they are for the good or good person, knew a couple of bad characters that ran. I voted for Ed Clark Libertarian for POTUS in 1980 and he carried the state Alaska where I was living at the time. The DNC is not the party for the working blue collar, the 60s radicals have taken over the boat along with the RINOs and we are in a fight to either be a socialist controlled country or a Republic. Trump has flip the cart that needed flip and hopefully it will stay the course. As Hillary just stated, the DNC will not stop being disruptive until it is in control and then they will be calm and that is scary. The 1st time voters needs educated on the DNC Party and what end results is, 8 years of Obama proofs what the DNC is about and how can anyone want to go back to those lost 8 years shouldn't be voting.

From: JL
jjs.....I agree with your thought on the Dem party being hijacked by radicals. I hope the old fashioned and moderate Dems can bring back the party from the radicals and extremists.

From: Will
My Nephew gets to cast his first votes this fall, which is cool. I think back to being 18 and thinking about it. I was so fired up for that chance to vote. I really dont understand how a person could turn 18 and not be fired up at the chance!

From: Shuteye
First time I voted was November 8, 1960. Have not missed voting in all those years so I can raise hell about the politicians.

From: HDE
"As Hillary just stated, the DNC will not stop being disruptive until it is in control and then they will be calm and that is scary."

And does that idiot think everyone else will just sit back and do whatever they say if they take control?

Good luck with that...

From: Woods Walker
First voted when I became of age in 1972......NIXON!!!..... I haven't missed an election day since. I figure it's the least I can do for those who sacrificed all to preserve that right for me. This is also why I see red when I hear someone say......"Oh, I was going to vote today, but it was (pick one).....Raining/too cold/too hot/I ran out of time.....

Being inconvenienced or wet is the NOTHING compared to what those who defended that right went through!

I voted for the independent or write in candidate once in Illinois when the Republican running for Governor that time was scumbag George Ryan (who later went to prison). I have voted for Democrat Jesse White twice for Secretary of State because he is genuinely honest and has done a damn fine job of cleaning up and running our driver's services here. Since he took over you can actually be in and out of here is less than a 1/2 hour!!!! And you DON'T have to leave a $100 bill on the front seat!!

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