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Money, money, money
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Soros and Obama conspired.

"The latest Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit has enabled the release of documents showing U.S. Embassy officials in Albania shown working directly with Soros operatives to channel grant money into left-wing operations that attack traditional, pro-American groups, governments and policies in name of ‘civil society.’

“The Obama administration turned over key State Department activities to George Soros, especially in Albania,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Deep State continues to be aligned with Soros and uses the State Department in countries such as Albania to push his radical agenda. And, of course, tax dollars for Soros abroad frees up resources for his activities here in the United States.”"

You know Soros fingerprintw are going to be all over it...I'd even throw in Holder!

You know he had a line on a seat if a Demwit were in there....

From: HDE
Soros is one of many that I wish a really smart guy would hack his bank accounts and siphon away all his cash...

From: elkmtngear
I wish Mossad would send an agent, to take out Soros...

From: K Cummings

Look at the bright side. If Soros has any relationship to the Clintons, and I'm sure he does, he'll be dead soon.

Everyone that has any kind of relationship with the Clintons ends up dead, under very suspicious circumstances.


From: 7mm08
Wouldn't matter... he is in his 80's but has left something like 100 billion in a trust to carry out his evil work after he is gone.

And he has a couple of adult children just as bad.

From: K Cummings
If I was Soros, or anyone close to him, I sure wouldn't be booking any helicopter rides.


From: Woods Walker
....or taking walks in Ft. Marcy park......!!!

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