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Big Storm Today
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Two Feathers 10-Oct-18
Solo 10-Oct-18
TD 10-Oct-18
bigeasygator 10-Oct-18
Woods Walker 10-Oct-18
JTV 10-Oct-18
Shuteye 10-Oct-18
Joey Ward 10-Oct-18
Will 10-Oct-18
Franzen 11-Oct-18
From: Two Feathers
Surprised no one started a thread on Michael. Glad I'm not living in Pensacola anymore.

From: Solo
I spent some time in that area back in the late 70's to mid 80's, building & re-building a lot of signals. That's back in my glory days of working the overhead as a bucket man.

I remember cruising thru Sopchoppy, laughingly calling it slop-choppy. But that's about what it resembles today, in the aftermath. A pile of slop choppy...

It's a blessing that this storm came onshore in an area that spared the most populated areas of the coast, as well as much of its track since. But, it's wreaking some havoc as we speak throughout significant portions of the Florida peninsula and northward.

From: TD
Thoughts and prayers for those impacted. Be safe.

From: bigeasygator
We’ve been seeing storm surge and minor flooding here in NOLA due to Michael, which is pretty crazy. Hope everyone is safe.

From: Woods Walker
My niece lives in Tallahassee and works for FSU and they shut everything down and told their people to get the hell out, so she went to Huntsville to stay with some friends.

From: JTV
my hunting buddy lives along the SC Coast, the last one was a graze, this one he is going to see alot more wind and rain as it goes across.... I just texted him, no response back... he may be "nailing down the hatches" right now ..

From: Shuteye
Georgia doesn't normally get full blow hurricanes inland but this is still a cat three and heading across Georgia. I have a lot of friends in Alabama and Georgia. Prayers to all that are in the wrath of the storm.

From: Joey Ward
Drove to Mobile to put a new starter in my daughters Sonata. Used a 10x10 pop up canopy in Publix parking lot to keep the rain off. Breeze felt nice. :-)

2 hours later things went well. Just rain and some wind. Glad weather stayed east. :-)

Hope the best for others. Looks like Panama City took the brunt. Looks bad there.

From: Will
Looks horrible! Be safe in the clean up if you live down there.

From: Franzen
The one saving grace may have been that it went through so quickly. So far, most of the worst damage I've seen was from the wind, with the really high winds being fairly confined to a small corridor. I know they were predicting really high surge, but have not heard a lot on that yet.

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