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The Cajun Navies
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JL 11-Oct-18
Shuteye 11-Oct-18
From: JL
These Cajun Navy groups are doing some good work with the hurricane rescues. I did just realize there seems to be at least three groups using the Cajun Navy name in some form. There is the Cajun Navy, America's Cajun Navy and the United Cajun Navy. They all are seeking donations. I hope these Cajun Navy groups do not get themselves into trouble with other people's money.

From: Shuteye
There were areas they couldn't get into due to down wires and trees. The Cajun Navy was sending in drones to look for people. They don't just do boats and they had ten guys last night, on foot, rescue an 80 year old woman that was trapped when a tree fell on her house. They got her out and she was close to death and bloody but she is doing ok now. They are darn good with chain saws too. They have a huge crew still in the Carolinas helping rebuild.

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