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Feminism: The Collapse Of Civilization
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slade 11-Oct-18
Trax 12-Oct-18
Shuteye 12-Oct-18
K Cummings 12-Oct-18
Rocky 12-Oct-18
JTV 12-Oct-18
Mike the Carpenter 12-Oct-18
TD 12-Oct-18
Treeline 14-Oct-18
From: slade

From: Trax
FemiNatzi’s and the blind dumb sheep that support them represent an important part of the plan the global cabal has, funded by billionaire power mongers. THIS is what liberalism brings.

From: Shuteye
It all started when Eve bit that apple.

From: K Cummings
She's hard to listen to, but accurate in many respects.


it collapsed a long time the "involuntary celibate" movement. I don't even know what is wrong with people these days.......

From: Rocky
It all started when Eve found a cucumber in the garden.

The Rock

From: JTV

You made it twice as far as I did Pat. Her sound was ear piercing and There is no way I could of made it through the message.

From: TD
I think her message is spot on. Feminist 2.0 has become a religion (she called that right too) of male hatred and blame and a victim (poor me, please help me, protect me....) mentality.

Amelia Earhart was a great example, Katherine Hepburn, etc. the "feminists" of the day, they appreciated men for who they were and what they had done and went on to be their own people...... people creating their own legacy and achievements.... not victims.

From: Treeline
28 seconds longer than me, Pat....

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