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Caliphornia poorest state in nation
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Grey Ghost 26-Oct-18
Your fav poster 26-Oct-18
HDE 26-Oct-18
'Ike' (Phone) 26-Oct-18
NvaGvUp 26-Oct-18
Thumper 04-Nov-18
elkmtngear 04-Nov-18
Woods Walker 04-Nov-18
Hackbow 04-Nov-18
HA/KS 04-Nov-18
newfi1946moose 04-Nov-18
Annony Mouse 04-Nov-18
From: Grey Ghost
26-Oct-18 funny.


California is far, far from the poorest state. Maybe look South? Kentucky, Mississippi Alabama? Oh wait. Those are facts. Moonbattery doesn’t cover facts.

Carry on Obi Wan-ConspiracyTheorist

From: HDE
Nope. NM is #1, maybe a close second.

Yeah, this state is flush in our money...The people that actually pay taxes!

From: NvaGvUp

Your incessant need to prove beyond all doubt that you are an economic illiterate should be embarrassing to even you.

From: Thumper
"Caliphornia is the poorest average income state in nation" FIFY

Calif has the most millionaires in the nation, 900,000. But factor in their 35 million illegals, homeless and welfare the average income goes into the crapper.

From: elkmtngear
Not the "poorest State", but one of the highest poverty levels, due to an influx of enabled losers that don't want to work.

They suck money out of hardworking people, and give it to those that don't want to.

From: Woods Walker
Yes indeed....a Democrat run paradise. They're on their way here in Illinois to be California as well.

From: Hackbow

Hackbow's Link
This link embedded in Spike's link.

From: HA/KS
So in California the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. That is always the result of increasing socialism.

Was just reading the local news posts from back where I left NY eight years ago. Local politicians are decrying the exodus of young people. They are trying to figure out how to keep their kids there after high school. Laughing my a** off. I bailed out of there at 64 and took my $$$ with me. Were I them I'd git also; especially if I were a conservative.

From: Annony Mouse
Matt...Moonbattery a pretty decent site that somewhat focuses on the crazy illogical stories of the left not given much priority in coverage by "real" news sites like CNN and MSNBS. And like all good sites (no matter political view), provides references to the items presented. in Mad Maxine?!!!

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