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McSally does National Anthem
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From: Shuteye

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The crowd loved it and she did it the way it was written. I hope she is voted in as Senator next Tuesday. Combat vet, smart as she can be. She can fly a fighter jet and even the Donald can't do that.

From: itshot
every rendition sends a chill up my nationalist spine!

From: Treeline
Sent chills up my spine. Got a little misty when she saluted.

I can not understand how in the world any American could not vote for such a spectacular candidate with such a stellar record of service to our country.

From: HA/KS

From: Annony Mouse
What Henry said...doubled.

From: JTV
Very good... that socialist Sinema cant do that, she'd step on the flag ...

From: Chuckster
WOW! What a great job. She got our two votes here. Some interesting comments below the video.

Tavis X 2. How could this even be close in Arizona with such a splendid candidate?

From: JL
She did a pretty good job. I bet she can do it pulling a few G's in the A-10 too.

From: Zbone
Reports are AZ Senate seat too close to call but McSally in the lead with 67% of ballots counted... Wish her best...

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