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Tip of the week, how to draw in a buck
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From: Shuteye

Shuteye's Link
Let me know if this works.

From: Sam Dunham


From: Treeline
Lagged so hard I cried!

From: bill v
Don’t think he’ll pass the IQ test in the other thread regardless as to which way he’ll vote


Bill v

From: Paul
Shuteye I think I saw a guy do that when I was hunting in Churchill lol

From: Rocky
I can't friggin breathe......

The Rock

From: Annony Mouse
Too funny...

On a tangential note, I used to drive in to the hospital where I ran the transplant lab by commuting about 90 miles. Many mornings I used to see a big buck near a strip mall by the side of the road...always in the same spot. Curiosity made me stop and see why...someone stopped at that same spot regularly to empty his ash tray and there were lots of cigarette butts at the side of the road.

This revelation made me remember that years and years ago, I had read in my grandfather's TRUE magazine that deer are attracted to tobacco. I have put small mounds of tobacco on deer trails in my woodlot and have watched the deer eat them.

While putting deer piss and chewing it may be a bit extreme, there is a kernel of truth that one might want to explore.

BTW:using any urine based scent lures...either pouring it on the ground or mixing it with your chew only increases the spread of CWD. That urine comes from farmed cervids...captive cervadae have been linked to the spread of the disease.

From: Grey Ghost
Damn you , Shuteye. I was just about to sit down to dinner.

Too fricken funny!!


From: Solo
LOL!!! That is hilarious!

I was told that this guy get's a similar reaction from doing max dead lifts quite regularly. You can see they've laid out towels for a target, and the crowd is expecting it from him. Personally, I'm wondering where the heck his bib's at...

From: Shuteye
Mouse, in 1962 I had a new Chevy Impala and was driving home from 12-8 shift work. Going through a road with woods on both sides. I saw dead deer on the edge of the road. I stopped to look at it and saw a tiny fawn in the edge of the woods. I had no problems picking it up and putting it on the front seat of my new car. I took it to my cousin. He raised it and it was like a dog. It would follow you around. Back then a bunch of people smoked and the deer would clean up the ash trays in the house every chance it got.

From: pipe
It works of course, preferred dip is Skal Straight LC and a shot of Tinks. And after a beer or two...,and after 4 hours, a pee from my stand 20 ft up works great

From: Grey Ghost
It's not as dumb as it may seem. In my dipping years, I used to chew on stand regularly. Deer would routinely walk up to and sniff the bush, branch, grass,...etc that my spit was landing on under my tree. They especially liked Cope Wintergreen Long Cut. It worked better than any so-called "deer attractant" scent I've ever used.


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