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1944 To 2014
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From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's Link
Check this out......old photos of the Normandy area of France in 1944 that transform to 2014. It will give you goose bumps!

And THANK GOD for "toxic masculinity"!!!!

From: HDE
Is it just me, or do the soldiers and other people from the 1944 circa photo seem to disappear last as it transforms into 2014?

Almost as a ghost from the past fading away as a last memory...

From: pipe
Goose bumps Thank you for sharing

Haunting. Great find. Thanks for posting.

From: JL
I seen that a few years ago...pretty eerie.

From: JTV
wow, that is so cool, how you can fade one into the other pic .... Ghosts of the past..... Thanks ...

From: gflight
Thanks WW

From: Annony Mouse
Jeff...pretty easily done. What the person who did this was to locate the site of the original picture and copy the viewpoint to take the present day picture. With the two images, it is a simple means to morph one into the other. No matter, it is pretty cool to see how the past looks like today. Gives a lot of perspective of history and makes one think of who those in the pictures are and what happened in their lives after the photo was taken.

Several years ago, someone posted a picture that had my grandfather's auto dealership in the background and I could see a small image of him out front (My grandfather had sold the family farm to buy into a Packard dealership and was one of the first in the state). They did the same thing and the image morphed to today when the building was gone and replaced. Hard to explain all the stories that flooded my head when I saw it. Dad delivered cars for the dealership when he was 12!

From: MK111
That's amazing. And to think I was only 3 months old when it happened.

From: Will

From: Zbone
I think it's neat... Thanks for sharing...

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