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Train to protect church, free
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RK 08-Nov-18
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From: RK
One of my guides goes to a large Church of Christ Assemby in central Texas. They have had security (armed) for years. Consisting of church members both male and female all armed They went through a series of private courses. Really good stuff

Great to be proactive!!

From: gflight
There is a deacon at my friends church a few years ago gave CCW training for free to all of them that wanted. Good stuff to be able to defend yourself. This is my biggest problem with the Dems and other populist politicians.

From: slade

slade's Link
The Sheepdog Creed

Sheepdog Church Security

As a Sheepdog, I am a companion to shepherds and a protector of the flock. My fundamental calling is to support and protect the Church; to aid pastors in watching over their congregations (Acts 20:28), to safeguard lives and property, to maintain order; and to be an instrument for Peace and Security so all people may gather in Jesus' name to pray, worship and study in a sanctuary of safety and security (Ps. 5:11).

I will keep my life temperate and above reproach, maintaining self-control in the face of danger and temptation; I will be respectable and hospitable (1 Tim. 3:2); honoring others above myself and being constantly mindful of their welfare (Rom. 12:10). I will be well-trained; technically and tactically proficient; disciplined, physically and mentally tough, ready to meet the challenges of my calling: executing justice and mercy for God.

To my congregation and pastor, I promise sustained, just and honorable support. I promise to be a professional, courteous and kind. I promise to always be ready to respond to emergency situations and to engage threats to the Church.

To my Lord and Master, I promise to find my Peace and Strength in You Alone, to Study Frequently, Pray Continuously, Worship Constantly and Love You Eternally, for I am a Servant and Guardian of the Kingdom of God. (Ps. 28:7, 127:1)

Your Loyal Companion in Christ

From: Bogie
Well stated Slade, May God's Grace and Mercy will always go before you with His Protecting Angels. Live in Baltimore Our Local Assembly always has armed Security Police whenever the Church is open. Usually from 8am to 10 pm 7 days a week, for past 20 years that I've been there and probably before that. God has Blessed us without a firearm incident at all , even though there have been a few physical problems. God is Faithful

From: Annony Mouse
Nice post, Slade.

My next door neighbor is pastor of a small church. We were talking last summer and he mentioned wanting to put a shooting range on the back of his teach his 3 little girls to shoot and to be able to train and practice his church's security staff. Small rural church--but like carrying; it is better to be prepared than ignore reality. Todd is also the chaplain to the county sheriff patrol and does ride-along's with them.

I had materials and equipment, so we built a nice 150 yard range on his property...and I can use it anytime.

From: Hunting5555
I'm part of the armed security team at our church. Any given Sunday morning there is at least 6 of us spread throughout the church. We've never had an incident, but we've had some real flakes come in over the years.

From: slade
Our church sent all security to a pistol training class put on by vets who are also professional shooters. They gave our church a big discount because of what the terrorist left have done to religious establishments.

My pastor knows I carry at church services and encourages me to do so. And I make killer pancakes ever Sunday :)

Slade, what has the “terrorist left” done to religious establishments? Come on man!

That kind of rhetoric is not what this nation needs right now.

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