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Bowbender 08-Nov-18
JL 08-Nov-18
HDE 08-Nov-18
From: Bowbender
"....because while Trump was a lousy salesman of gun stuff the Demons will fix that!"

How so?

They control 1/2 of 1/3 of the federal government. Pretty sure things ain't changing. Unless of course Trump makes a deal to get "sh!t" done and the feckless, spineless republicans in the Senate roll over like little puppies and pi$$ all over them selves.

Hmmm......maybe you got a point.

From: JL
I own alot of AOBC. I wouldn't be totally opposed to the share price rising.

From: HDE
Tighter control on mental illness background checks is about as far as they'll get. That is a common underlying agreement to both sides.

Unfortunately, this may now affect vets returning from foreign wars...

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