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Boulder gun owners
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" Boulder Gun Owners Defiant Of Assault Weapon Ban

Posted at 12:00 pm on January 4, 2019 by Tom Knighton

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The city of Boulder, Colorado thought it was going to make a firm stand against so-called assault weapons. It passed a controversial law that banned them inside the city.

Take that, gun owners!

Well, it seems that there are a lot of people in Boulder who aren’t remotely interested in rolling over and playing dead in the face of a tyrannical local government. Instead, they’re hoisting their middle fingers in a universally understood gesture of defiance. Metaphorically.

They’re doing something just a bit more productive.

Boulder’s newly enacted “assault weapons” ban is meeting with stiff resistance from its “gun-toting hippies,” staunch liberals who also happen to be devoted firearms owners.

Only 342 “assault weapons,” or semiautomatic rifles, were certified by Boulder police before the Dec. 31 deadline, meaning there could be thousands of residents in the scenic university town of 107,000 in violation of the sweeping gun-control ordinance.

“I would say the majority of people I’ve talked to just aren’t complying because most people see this as a registry,” said Lesley Hollywood, executive director of the Colorado Second Amendment group Rally for Our Rights. “Boulder actually has a very strong firearms community.”

The ordinance, approved by the city council unanimously, banned the possession and sale of “assault weapons,” defined as semiautomatic rifles with a pistol grip, folding stock, or ability to accept a detachable magazine. Semiautomatic pistols and shotguns are also included.

Current owners were given until the end of the year to choose one of two options: Get rid of their semiautomatics by moving them out of town, disabling them, or turning them over to police — or apply for a certificate with the Boulder Police Department, a process that includes a firearm inspection, background check and $20 fee.

Judging by the numbers, however, most Boulder firearms owners have chosen to do none of the above, albeit quietly.

“The firearms community in Boulder — they may be Democrats but they love their firearms,” said Ms. Hollywood, herself a former Boulder resident.

I can’t say I blame them.

Look, there’s a point that every individual has to determine if they want to remain law-abiding or are willing to become the outlaw. When it comes to guns, many of us are far more comfortable drawing a line in the dirt and saying, “No more.”

Ms. Hollywood is right. This is registration, and it’s something that should never exist in this country. Unfortunately, it does in several places, but it’s also up to individual gun owners to determine if they want to comply with the regulation.

For those who did comply, if the city turns around and decides all such weapons must go, guess what? They already know where some of them are. That’s the reason so many of us oppose registration. It facilitates confiscation. It always has and always will.

Here’s something for the anti-gun Left to consider. When you have wide-spread defiance in someplace like the People’s Republic of Boulder on a gun control law, you may want to check your assumptions about your constituents sharing your anti-gun views. I suspect quite a few Boulder residents with “Coexist” stickers on their Prius’s also have “Molon Labe” stickers on their gun safes."

From: TGbow
This is like reading something from 1930s Nazi Germany

From: Woods Walker
....or the 1980's in Chicago (handgun ban....turn 'em in, or you're a felon....unless you're a Chicago Alderman, and then you're exempt.)

From: Grey Ghost
Boulder legislators knew this was a unenforcible feel good bill when they passed it. A few of them even said so publicly.

"For those who did comply, if the city turns around and decides all such weapons must go, guess what? They already know where some of them are."

This is incorrect. The law stated that the police departments, who did the certifications, couldn't keep any records, just a hand-written count. So there is no registry, which made the law even more pointless.


From: HedgeHunter
Boulders Hempers

Use to live not far from there.

I shoot with some very Liberal guys on Social issues but 2A! These are passionate about keeping a sidearm, truck gun and a long gun handy at all times.

We as people are not Euro's or Remnents of Euro's and will never go unarmed into the night or future. Maybe city folk will buy not us Flyovers.


From: Grey Ghost
Boulder is a unique place. I got my college education there in the '80s, and lived there from 1990 to 2000. It's a liberal haven in a beautiful geographic area. Property values have consistently remained among the highest in the state. My brother in law served on the city council for 18 years, 4 years as deputy major, and 5 years as major.

I was so happy to move from there, and into the boonies of rural CO.


I think most hunters are happy to move from anywhere to a place that's more in the boonies than where they were prior.

If you could duplicate the earth with less than a million like-minded folks on the entire planet, I'd be happy to take Wyoming for myself.

From: Woods Walker
NO WAY! I got "dibs"!!! Went to school and lived there in the 70's.

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