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New gun laws filed in MO
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Spike Bull 's Link
"Missouri lawmakers have pre-filed over 600 bills for the next legislative session, including a dozen different bills relating to gun control."

From: TGbow
They still looking for that magical law that criminals will obey. Then we will be safe.

From: gflight
Not concerned at this point, mostly Libtards filing bullstuff...

Hopefully our Republican supermajority in both chambers and Republican Governor won't listen to libtard Trumpettes...

Even Trumps ATF ruling that a machine gun is pretty much any semi-automatic fired in an arbitrary manner is not really enforceable by our local and state law enforcement.

Our Constitution.....

That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms, ammunition, and accessories typical to the normal function of such arms, in defense of his home, person, family and property, or when lawfully summoned in aid of the civil power, shall not be questioned.

The rights guaranteed by this section shall be unalienable.

Any restriction on these rights shall be subject to strict scrutiny and the state of Missouri shall be obligated to uphold these rights and shall under no circumstances decline to protect against their infringement.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the general assembly from enacting general laws which limit the rights of convicted violent felons or those adjudicated by a court to be a danger to self or others as result of a mental disorder or mental infirmity.

These are the bills that have been filed....


HB 40 - Lavender, Deb - Modifies orders of protection by adding provisions that allow the confiscation of firearms from individuals a court deems to be a danger to themselves or others

HB 56 - Bangert, Gretchen - Modifies provisions relating to the transport and storage of firearms in motor vehicles

HB 82 - Hill, Justin - Specifies that lawful owners of firearms may transport or store the firearms in locked, privately-owned motor vehicles

HB 87 - Beck, Doug - Modifies the offenses of unlawful transfer of weapons and unlawful possession of a firearm

HB 90 - Green, Alan - Requires the department of public safety to commission a study on gun violence in the state of Missouri

HB 97 - Green, Alan - Prohibits the sale of an assault weapon to a person under the age of twenty-one

HB 113 - Smith, Cody - Allows the court to depart from minimum sentencing provisions in certain circumstances

HB 162 - Brown, Richard - Creates the offense of knowingly possessing, manufacturing, transporting, repairing, or selling a bump stock or trigger crank

HB 163 - Brown, Richard - Modifies the offense of unlawful possession of a firearm

HB 173 - Washington, Barbara - Adds public libraries to the list of places CCW permit holders are not authorized to carry concealed weapons

HB 175 - Washington, Barbara - Adds and changes penalties for offenses committed by landlords against tenants

HB 210 - Razer, Greg - Requires that all sales or transfers of firearms be processed through a licensed firearms dealer

HB 235 - Franks Jr., Bruce - Requires a firearm owner to report lost or stolen firearms

HB 236 - Franks Jr., Bruce - Modifies provisions relating to arrests made by law enforcement officers

HB 258 - Taylor, Jered - Modifies provisions relating to the concealed carrying of firearms

HB 260 - Taylor, Jered - Imposes civil penalties for poaching certain animals

HB 302 - Hicks, Ron - Modifies weapon offenses by decriminalizing possession of a firearm silencer by persons who obtain a medical certificate for significant hearing loss


SB 1 - Curls - Modifies provisions relating to the expungement of certain criminal records

SB 8 - Emery - Allows courts to depart from a statutorily required minimum prison term when sentencing a defendant

SB 23 - Nasheed - Creates new provisions relating to firearm restraining orders

SB 39 - Onder - Allows the concealed carry of firearms on public transportation systems and the transporting of nonfunctioning or unloaded firearms on public buses

SB 40 - Schupp - Creates the offense of unlawfully storing and securing a firearm in the presence of a child

SB 41 - Schupp - Modifies provisions relating to domestic violence offenders

SB 42 - Schupp - Creates extreme risk orders of protection

SB 75 - Curls - Modifies provisions relating to the concealed carried weapons

SB 94 - Sifton - Applies the offense of unlawful possession of firearms to certain additional categories of individuals in possession of firearms

SB 121 - Burlison - Modifies provisions relating to the concealed carrying of firearms

SB 163 - Schupp - Provides that all sales of firearms be processed through a licensed firearm dealer

From: Woods Walker
"HB 162 - Brown, Richard - Creates the offense of knowingly possessing, manufacturing, transporting, repairing, or selling a bump stock or trigger crank"

I wonder if this will include thumbs, belt loops and fat bellies as well?

From: gflight
The Kansas city (D) liberal is trying to make Trump's rule enforceable in Missouri. Not a snowballs chance.

From: Woods Walker
GOOD! It's one dumb assed law.

From: gflight
ATF rule. Dumb assed ATF rule....;0)

From: gflight
Trump's gun control hard on is only taken hold of by gun grabbing Democrats in Missouri. New York Liberals like Trump are scared of guns and going to war just like the citiots in st. Louis and KC.........

I am glad you are so confident, gflight.

I see several items in there which would concern me, especially when added to others.

From: absaroka6
I see a couple that I will be watching closely.

From: gflight
I am a lot more scared of trump and the knuckle head Republicans like Rubio on his team than I am the couple Democrats here in Missouri.

The Democrats from Kansas City in St Louis introduce the same bull crap every year that goes to the trash.

With Trump backing taking and banning guns citiot republicans may fold but still not enough votes to pass.

Our concealed carry group has lawyers & legislators that introduce & pass pro gun stuff every year and our alert system sends out the information that I posted for you guys.

Never say never but I am pretty confident......

From: gflight
You know the article you posted said not going to happen as well, except for the red flag Republicans that don't care about due process may try it...


Habitat for Wildlife's Link

Missouri is the gun control advocates worst nightmare.

From: Annony Mouse

From: AZOnecam
Wow - I really thought that skit was a parody - before it was parodied. Scary.

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