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Congressional term limits
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Spike Bull 04-Jan-19
kentuckbowhnter 04-Jan-19
bowbender77 04-Jan-19
KSflatlander 04-Jan-19
JTV 04-Jan-19
JTV 04-Jan-19
HedgeHunter 04-Jan-19
'Ike' (Phone) 04-Jan-19
HDE 04-Jan-19
DL 05-Jan-19
Bob H in NH 05-Jan-19
Annony Mouse 05-Jan-19
Will 05-Jan-19
Woods Walker 06-Jan-19
Grey Ghost 06-Jan-19
Huntcell 06-Jan-19
Solo 06-Jan-19

Spike Bull 's Link
"More importantly (although the beard is big news), Ted and Rep. Francis Rooney have introduced a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress. Can we get a HELL YEAH?!"

might as well file a bill for permanent rainbows and cotton candy.

From: bowbender77

From: KSflatlander
Hell Yeah X2

From: JTV
well yea... it will never make it thru however ....

From: JTV
well yea... it will never make it thru however ....

From: HedgeHunter
Right! They never gonna kick themselves outta a job with the best healthcare and almost a 85% retirement. Yer all dreaming.

Be nice however.


Long overdue, but as with government, they find away around it by moving to a different position...

From: HDE
There is already a system in place for term limits, unfortunately the voting public just can't figure it out.

I would also like to see amendments to disolve high pay, suspend all benefits, and zero out any retirement payments for life.

From: DL
It will be amended to 10-15 terms knowing politicians.

From: Bob H in NH
If it ever passes it will exempt all sitting congress and senators

From: Annony Mouse
I'd like it better to eliminate all their benefits and retirements. And every year every single elected official from federal down to local should have their tax returns published for public view (and probably their spouses and children considering what has been shown with a number of 1% elected officials like Pelosi and Mad Maxine). Not one elected official should gain wealth at the public trough. If they want a retirement, let them earn it in the private sector and not while in "public service".

From: Will
Sounds good to me!

From: Woods Walker
HDE and Mouse X2.

We already HAVE "term limits", it's called VOTING. If we had 75%+ turnout for elections and we still couldn't get rid of the garbage then I'd say yes. But we don't, and FAR from it. When the American public doesn't live up to their obligation to vote, then we get exactly what we're getting.

From: Grey Ghost
I'll give a HELL YEAH and a Mouse x3.


From: Huntcell
Hmmm what is good for senators and house of representative should be good for the presidency. Oh

Maybe limit the time there in session from Jan 2 to March 31. Oh community forum 3 Months a year that will never do.

From: Solo
x 4 times more....

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