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Chinese saber rattling
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On December 20, Chinese Rear Admiral Lou Yuan, while speaking at a military trade conference, announced that what the United States feared most was casualties and that the easiest way to defeat China’s main rival was to sink two American supercarriers, killing over 10,000 sailors in the process. When that has happened, Admiral Lou announced, then “We’ll see how frightened America is.”

Regardless of Chinas military might, our response would be fierce and ultimately would not end well for them. Would it be easy? Absolutely not, but this admiral is either blowing smoke up his audiences ass or he is totally ignorant of Americas history in dealing with attacks against our country.

The Chinese feel pretty confident in their abilities now days and they’re right! A majority of today’s Americans would rollover at that amount of casualties and not want to fight...

From: KSflatlander
I guess he didn’t read his history to find out what happened after Pearl Harbor.

yeah, we dont need a missle to kill china just ban them from our economy and they die quickly. we will be just fine.

"I guess he didn’t read his history to find out what happened after Pearl Harbor."

Or any other US war. Even Vietnam, for all the blowback the government dealt with, saw the loss of over 50,000 US troops for a shithole patch of jungle for which we were defending an idea and not our own territory or skin. An open war for continued existence would unleash the sleeping bear that is American resolve. China would lose in a jiffy. They've got a lot of people, but not the country to support and create will to preserve. China has been losing with better numbers for 1000 years.

Don't forget, we won in Iraq and Afghanistan at the same time on the backs of a volunteer force of Gen Xers and Millenials. China's conventional army would be devastated in under a year and our planes would own the Chinese skies, even if they sunk a couple of carriers, which we'd replace in short order.

From: DL
He wouldn’t be so cocky if he could see all the nuclear subs off China’s coast and the ones shadowing his fleets.

From: Owl
How many Chinamen does it take to defeat a nuclear blast? The atom bomb revolutionized the concept of military advantage. I don't fear nation states. Our biggest threats are terror groups, national debt and Washington DC.

From: KSflatlander
Good point Owl.

He's just a nationalist warmonger. Nothing more, nothing less. China has trillions invested in our country. They stand nothing to gain from a war with us, which they would lose. Large standing armies are only good for holding territory. One fully loaded combat helicopter squadron can kill thousands of ground troops in a single mission and that's only one of the many tools we have.

Another point is that 10,000 men would not die. Since when has the sinking of any of our ships resulted in 100% mortality?

Lastly, the first-use of nuclear bombs on China would be a mistake - ala MAD. They've got them too. We can beat them in a conventional war without the use of nuclear bombs.

Additionally, nuclear bombs cost a lot from an environmental standpoint. We eat out of the same ocean and the prevailing winds blow from China directly to the US. Dropping nukes on China is pissing in the wind.

We could flatten their cities with our bombers using cruise missiles and conventional bombs. We'd lose planes and men, but they'd lose a Hell of a lot more. Only takes one bomb to destroy a billion dollar sky scraper.

The only way the US would ever be in trouble would be if we had to fight Russia and China at the same time AND also lost the support of the Israelis, British, NATO, etc etc. There's no way that's going to happen.

From: TD
I forgot about the aborting girl babies for years and years...... must be a tough nasty place when the rut kicks in......

They place no value on individual human life. They feel that would give them their advantage. They haven't a clue what just one free minded, committed individual can accomplish. It's a concept they cannot grasp.

Interesting that they think Americans lack resolve and will run from a fight. They must have had their head in the sand for the last 20 years.

From: slade
They are confusing bowing Obama as the average American....

“They must have had their head in the sand for the last 20 years.“

Or the last 100

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