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80 Year Cycle Validity?
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jingalls 07-Jan-19
JTV 07-Jan-19
Will 08-Jan-19
Trax 08-Jan-19
Any of you ever read this stuff? Pay attention to the third force.


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Come on guys, I am providing you a ready made excuse for the coming economic collapse that you will be able to defend it wasn't Trump's fault.

From: jingalls
All societies come to an end. If your putting your faith in this world...might want to rethink that? God Bless!

From: JTV
Its the Fifth Column and the lousy FNM I worry about ... ;0)

From: Will
Interesting article Frank.

If you cross reference it with various philisophical, sociological and psychological developmental "stages", there are additional layers which relate to those same points.

It is interesting the "chart" seems to skip the mid-late 60's and early 70's, which admittedly I've only read about having been born in 74, but which sure seem to have come with a lot of big, big challenges that would suggest a substantial social, emotional, financial challenge to society during that time frame - not reflected in the chart.

I'm pretty optimistic though, and have a lot of trust in humans... So I feel like, even if we are tangling with really extreme social upheaval at the moment, I believe it can get better. So maybe by bias is just riding through the "cycles"...

From: Trax
Certainly interesting stuff HW, but I find the basis rooted in fear. There are experts of course that back up the premise of 1-4, and experts could be found to debunk them. I had read the book "Beyond Oil" in the past and again, interesting stuff. But there are many variables at play here, both tangible and intangible. Some of it is a little gloom and doom for me, even though some of it I have no doubt will come to fruition. At some point. To some degree.

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