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Brent Bozell talks to Levin
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JTV 07-Jan-19
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Shuteye 08-Jan-19
From: JTV
one of the most savvy in the ways of the left and the Fake News Media talks with Mark Levin, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center ... its simple to see that certain so-called 'news' outlets are an arm of the DNC .... great interview ..... click on the YouTube link to watch .......


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From: JTV
there isnt one TV or Radio liberal/dem or a dem politician that can match Levin in his knowledge of the constitution and politics ... that is why he is "The Great One" ...

From: Trax
His delivery is less fluff and more fact than any other in media.

From: Shuteye
I watch him every Sunday night.

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