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Tucker Carlson Boycott
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From: Mint

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I've got a lot of my money in TD Ameritrade that I'll be moving. I'm guessing Fidelity, Etrade or Charles Schwab. Anybody have any experience with any of them.

From: JTV
I wont go to Red Lobster any more, their prices have went sky high anyways ..........

From: NvaGvUp
I have a reasonable amount of clients who have Pac Life annuity policies with me.

As soon as I learned Pac Life had pulled their ads because Carlson is opposed to Open Borders, I notified them that I would not be sending them any more business.

From: Trax
Actually, what Nva did affects a lot of people. Meaning it affects a lot of money. If just more investment people did the same we are talking about massive amounts of money. If more people would take such notice it would indeed begin to make a difference. So many of the top companies and their billionaire top management (not just Amazon, Google, and Facebook) are 100% sold on selling out the sovereignty of this great nation to the global cabal.

From: Norseman
Schwab has always treated me well. Trick is to go in and talk to a local advisor and start a personal “one on one” relationship. They have been great with setting me up with MY plan and follow up. Good luck.

From: Will
Ill ditto Norseman, I'm a zero burger of investing knowledge compared to many on here... but C.S. has worked well for me since moving my business retirement acct's from Vanguard to them. In fairness, I did well with Vanguard too, so perhaps it's a minimal difference.

From: NvaGvUp
I won't speak to CS's qualifications on investing because I don't have enough experience to go on.

That said, fifteen or so years ago a couple in the Bay Area hired me to do their comprehensive financial planning.

He was an executive at Oracle and she was a Managing Partner at Schwab.

When I asked them why they hired me instead of Schwab even though she was high up on the food chain at Schwab, her answer was, "Because we don't do what you do."

Given her position, that's one of the coolest things a client has ever said to me.

Good on you Kyle. Seriously. It takes a man of principle to do that.

From: scentman
Tucker tells it like it is!

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