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Alaska Guide Sentenced
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From: JL
Got this in the inbox a bit ago. I've heard of herding or driving deer....never heard of driving grizz.

A hunting guide in Alaska used snowmobiles to herd grizzly bears toward clients

Associated Press Jan 8, 2019 Updated 5 hrs ago

NOME, Alaska — A master hunting guide from Alaska had his license revoked for life after pleading guilty to using employees on snowmobiles to herd grizzly bears toward clients.

Alaska State Troopers say in a statement that Brian Simpson of Fairbanks was charged in 2017 with two counts of "aiding in the commission of a violation" by using the employees on snowmobiles to force the grizzlies toward his clients north of Nome.

Troopers say Simpson was also fined $35,000 and received a year of probation.

The statement issued Monday says Simpson also was charged with three counts of guiding in the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve without authorization.

An assistant guide and a second employee were charged with harassing game.

From: NvaGvUp
If found guilty, lock 'em up and throw away the key.

Same thing with their clients, if they were aware of this,

should be a lifetime ban for that....

From: bad karma
It sure seems like, given enough time, that problem would have taken care of itself.

JL never heard of "herding" grizzlies....

Years ago, when I was on the Alaska Guide Licensing and Control Board, we took the licenses of several guides convicted on "herding" grizzlies/brown bears with bush aircraft. Hunter and Asst Guide would be dropped off, then the Guide would herd the bears by diving at them with the planes.

Some big name guides lost their licenses and got jail time and large fines.


From: HDE
Yet, it is perfectly legal when done under "tribal hunting rights". Sorry, my rant is over...

From: JL
is it legal for natives to intentionally herd animals up there? Or are they similar to legal deer drives such as done in the lower 48?

From: Amoebus
Okay, obviously I don't know enough about grizzlys - do they hibernate? Was this done at the beginning or end of winter?

From: Woods Walker
"end of winter" in Alaska is only a relative concept!

From: AZOnecam
I have no sympathy for unethical guides. We see variations of this in most Western states. I doubt their clients are not willing participants. Any true hunter knows fair chase. If they don't they shouldn't be hunting. If it isn't hard, it probably isn't fair chase. They are liable IMO for hiring guides/outfitters that try to blur the lines.

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