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There Will Never Be Another
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DL 10-Jan-19
Chuckster 10-Jan-19
From: DL

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For you younger guys you might not have witnessed the Likes of Michael Jordon or Bo Jackson. No was a freak of nature. Natural talent and strength. Never exercised and thought practice was a waste of time. He was 240 pounds of muscle and speed. Seeing him break a bat over his leg or helmet for striking out was a sight to behold Looks like a movie is coming out. No Knows Bohunting too. ESPNs 30 For 30 about him is great. At the end you’ll see him in the basement fletching arrows. Of all his accomplishments he points to his mounts as his greatest trophy’s.

From: Chuckster
I couple of years ago Bo Jackson played the pro-am at the Phoenix Open. I have been caddying the pro-am for 15 years. So I'm in the clubhouse waiting for my assignment and in walks Bo Jackson. I went up and introduced myself. We talked archery for a couple minutes. Cool guy.

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