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Birth of a Democrat
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JTV 10-Jan-19
TT-Pi 10-Jan-19
Salagi 10-Jan-19
Thumper 10-Jan-19
Zbone 10-Jan-19
HDE 10-Jan-19
LINK 11-Jan-19
TGbow 11-Jan-19
From: JTV
ROFLMAO !! ... "A JOB ?? Noooooooooo"( cry, cry cry) .... but the brat wants mom to give her a $250,000 car !! ... all this and she is just 15 yrs old .... heck, even Paris Hilton had and has a job ...

From: TT-Pi
Funny funny funny. My kids went through a version of that... for a couple of days... Almost silently ... but with a look in their eyes.

From: Salagi
Wow. It is sadly funny. I had to buy my first car. Dad told me he would help work on it (he was a great mechanic), but I had to pay for the car, any parts, the gas and the insurance. I did earn the money for it by working on the farm. I ended up buying a car that was 3 years younger than me and mostly ran. It was a better car than many of my friends had. My youngest bought her own car as well. My youngest somehow managed to "borrow" ours until she ran it into the ground. Not sure how that worked out, I blame her mother.

I would be happy if someone gave me $2500 a month. That's more than I bring home working.

From: Thumper
Full blooded democrat for

From: Zbone
Wow, unfreakn believable... They need to give her a knife and a lighter and drop her off in the woods for a while, let her fend for herself...

From: HDE
What do you want to bet that the dad is really the one who started this. The mom seemed pretty poised and sure about taking a large allowance away, a smaller less fancy car, and a job - I doubt it was like she had an epiphany all of a sudden...

From: LINK
Really who gives their kid a $2500 monthly allowance to begin with. My kids know they have to earn their money that it just doesn’t show up and they are 5,7&9. My 9 year old is wanting to open a savings account to save for college, unprompted... I’m not a perfect parent but those parents failed on so many levels. The only way that girl could ever come down to earth is to kick her out with nothing once she’s 18.

From: TGbow
Funny but sad

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