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Ruth out and about
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From: Huntcell

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Ruthy out in public?

What a relief for the demos .

Unfortunately the repubs conspiracy theorist will glam on that she was spotted in the back in the dark.

Was it her in the flesh, a doppelganger, or a robotic Russian inspired clone?

From: Dirk Diggler
Pics or it didnt happen. Every news outlet is reporting on this. Somehow I'm expected to believe no one bothered to show up with a camera? I'm also expected to believe CNN acted on a hunch and waited outside Roger Stones house at 5 in the morning the day the FBI rolled in with enough armament to take over a small country. I wonder who started this rbg story?

From: Woods Walker
State of the art animatronics!

From: Bowbender
All I can think of, is “Weekend at Bernie’s “. Would love to see her in the water skiing scene.

From: Will
5 more years RBG... 5 more years.

From: JTV
The sooner the woman is gone, one way or an another, and have her gone before Trump is out, the better off this country will be .... the Scotus must be solid with conservatives so this country can have a chance of survival

From: slade
Still waiting to see pictures of her at the event, if she was even close to being healthy looking they would be plastered with every sound bite.

From: Glunt@work
I hope she recovers to a comfortable state. I also hope she steps down.

From: Two Feathers
Slade x2

From: Woods Walker

From: NvaGvUp
She won't 'step down' until the coroner shows up and covers her with a sheet

From: South Farm
Last I saw her I think he could get by with just the pillow case..

From: TD
Sad to see any human deteriorate like that. It's a sad fact of life, the winding down of your life..... strong , independent people hanging on desperately to what dignity is left.

But it is also a fact it should never have come to this with a sitting Supreme Court Justice. It's an egotistical insult to the position. And an injustice to the American citizens that someone who can't do their job and likely never will be able to, refuses to step down and relinquish her position. WRT politics...... she had her chance to for the last decade. She placed her bet, all in for Shrillery..... and lost. Deal with it.

What is going on now is a sad, sick, demented joke.

From: TT-Pi
Was she singing Take me to the river?

From: HA/KS
"someone who can't do their job and likely never will be able to, refuses to step down and relinquish her position."

And at some point is no longer able to even make that decision.

From: Annony Mouse
NATELSON: Justice Ginsburg’s Possible Incapacity And The Case For Judicial Term Limits

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s difficulty in carrying out her judicial duties has encouraged informal wagering about whether she can continue until President Trump leaves office. This is in bad taste and overshadows recognition of her outstanding career.

The problem of justices outliving their judicial capacity has recurred throughout U.S. history. But it may be growing more acute, as advances in health care enable physical strength to outlive mental capacity.

We do not yet have a satisfactory mechanism for addressing the issue. No statute forcing justices to leave office would be valid because the Constitution specifies that they “hold their Offices during good Behavior.” That’s a rough translation of the Anglo-Latin formula, “quam diu bene gesserit.” It literally means “so long has he shall have conducted himself well.” Justices serve until their death, retirement, resignation, or impeachment-and-conviction, whichever comes first.

One possible remedy is for family members or professional colleagues to pressure a failing justice into resigning or retiring. Another alternative is impeachment, conviction, and removal from office for “high … Misdemeanors.” In the constitutional context, this is a fiduciary standard, and is broad enough to include negligence or other breach of duty due to incapacity.

But neither pressure nor impeachment are satisfactory remedies. First, neither can be based fully on objective standards of competence. Is Justice Ginsburg better or less able to perform her duties than were Justices William O. Douglas or Hugo Black in their later years? Not only is that question often unanswerable objectively, but personal answers are likely to be colored by political preferences.

Similar political considerations may mar the decision of the justice himself. A jurist who might agree to being replaced by an Obama nominee might hang on to avoid being replaced by a Trump nominee — or vice versa. So there is no guarantee the object of pressure will yield to it.

The Constitution’s requirement that two thirds of senators vote to convict an impeached official offers some protection against arbitrary political action. But Congress has been unwilling to terminate distinguished judicial careers that way: The impeachment-and-conviction process has never been used successfully to remove a Supreme Court justice.

We are left with the alternative of constitutional amendment. But what kind of amendment? more here

It's not fair to our country to keep her hanging in there and not doing her job. Anybody her age should be forced out. That includes Congressional members too!

From: Shuteye
Well there are three high ranking Democrats in Virginia that are hanging on to their jobs. I guess democrats last forever.

Slade, Tom, Glunt, and Henry X 2

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