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Roadkill law interesting
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spike78 05-Feb-19
Will 05-Feb-19
spike78 05-Feb-19
Huntcell 05-Feb-19
Salagi 05-Feb-19
JTV 06-Feb-19
slade 06-Feb-19
DL 06-Feb-19
From: spike78

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So in this new roadkill law PETA is all for it. They say that wild roadkill is healthier to eat then store bought hmm go figure!

I'd pay to see them eat some roadkill.

From: Will
Wait, is it a law that you can't eat road kill? I mean, Spike, here you have to get it tagged by an EPO I think, but unless it's really beat folks take home deer all the time. Moose often go to game club or church "game" dinners.

Now if they are suggesting we eat skunks and salamanders... I'm out :)

From: spike78
I’d pick up some moose all day long.

From: Huntcell
A Couple interesting provisions in Oregon road kill law:

‘You must remove the entire carcass of the animal, including gut piles, from the road.’

‘Antlers and head of all salvaged animals must be surrendered to an ODFW office within 5 business days of taking possession of the carcass. This is to allow state officials to test and track for Chronic Wasting Disease. Also, "A lot of people do collect and sell antlers, and that's not what this program is for," Dennehy said. Other animal parts, such as the hide, may be kept by the permittee.‘

Gota take the crap but not the head.

From: Salagi
I picked up a roadkill yearling deer just last week. I had driven past there 10 minutes before and it wasn't there. Very little bloodshot meat to it at all. I guess they hit it's head. I'm not to proud to butcher it. took the meat to my folks and threw the carcass to my dogs. Everybody was happy. Except maybe whoever hit the deer. ;)

From: JTV
been legal to take road kill here for as long as I can remember, get a tag/permit from a responding officer, CO or Police ... Ive take a few does that were fresh when the other driver didnt want them (go figure) ... heck, twice the responding police helped load them ... I had to show one where to shoot it so it wouldnt damage the meat (shoot it in head you fool !) as it was seriously injured and still alive .... I pulled a small doe off the road two nights back as it was to much tore up to keep, as it was a road hazard....

From: slade
Great now the tens of thousands of miles of logging roads are going to be filled with Mad Max clones racing up and down them...........

From: DL
When I was first Married I picked up two one year to eat. We lived in a tri-plex. If anyone ever dug into the flower beds they were in for a surprise. I wonder if the cops were called from all the bones they dug up?

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